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Quicksilver Free Download - Watch the Movie That Inspired a Generation of Bike Messengers

Quicksilver Free Movie Download: How to Watch the 1986 Action Drama Online

If you are a fan of Kevin Bacon, bike messengers, or 80s movies, you might be interested in watching Quicksilver, a 1986 action drama film that features all of these elements. But how can you watch this movie online without paying anything? Is there a legal and safe way to download Quicksilver for free? In this article, we will answer these questions and provide you with some information about the movie itself.

What is Quicksilver about?

Quicksilver is a movie that tells the story of Jack Casey (Kevin Bacon), a former stockbroker who loses his fortune and his confidence after a bad trade. He decides to quit his job and become a bicycle messenger in San Francisco, where he meets a group of colorful characters and a love interest named Terri (Jami Gertz). He also gets involved in a conflict with a drug dealer named Gypsy (Rudy Ramos), who uses some of the messengers to deliver his goods. Jack has to use his skills and courage to protect his friends and himself from Gypsy's threats.

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The plot summary of Quicksilver

The movie begins with Jack working as a successful trader on the Pacific Exchange, where he makes millions of dollars for himself and his clients. However, one day he makes a risky bet on a stock that crashes, wiping out his savings and his parents' nest egg. He feels guilty and ashamed, and decides to leave his career behind. He wanders around the city for weeks, until he stumbles upon a bicycle messenger service called Quicksilver. He applies for a job there and gets hired.

At Quicksilver, Jack meets several other messengers who have different backgrounds and personalities. Some of them are Hector (Paul Rodriguez), a friendly and ambitious Mexican-American who dreams of opening his own hot dog stand; Voodoo (Laurence Fishburne), a mysterious and rebellious black man who practices voodoo; Tiny (Louie Anderson), a chubby and cheerful guy who likes to eat; Airborne (Charles McCaughan), a daredevil who likes to jump off buildings; Apache (David Harris), a Native American who wears feathers on his helmet; and Terri, a spunky and attractive woman who catches Jack's eye.

Jack enjoys his new job and lifestyle, as he feels free and happy riding his bike through the streets. He also develops a romantic relationship with Terri, who lives in an abandoned warehouse with her dog. However, he also faces some dangers and challenges along the way. One of them is Gypsy, a ruthless drug lord who uses some of the messengers to transport his cocaine. Gypsy has a special interest in Terri, who used to work for him before she quit. He tries to lure her back into his business by offering her money and drugs.

Another challenge is Hector's plan to invest his savings in the stock market with Jack's help. Hector trusts Jack's expertise and asks him to buy some shares for him. Jack is reluctant at first, but he agrees to do it as a favor for Hector. He goes back to the exchange floor for one day, where he buys some penny stocks that are about to soar. He manages to make enough money for Hector to buy his hot dog cart.

However, things go wrong when Gypsy finds out that Terri has been seeing Jack and threatens to kill him. He also kidnaps Hector and steals his money. Jack and his friends decide to confront Gypsy and rescue Hector. They use their bikes to chase Gypsy's car through the city, dodging traffic and obstacles. They manage to catch up with him and force him to stop. A fight ensues, in which Jack shoots Gypsy with a gun that he took from one of his henchmen. Gypsy dies, and Hector is freed. Jack and Terri embrace, while the other messengers celebrate.

The movie ends with Jack and Terri riding their bikes together, while Hector opens his hot dog stand. Jack has regained his confidence and found his purpose in life. He decides to stay as a messenger, and says goodbye to his former boss at the exchange. He also gives his bike to a young boy who admires him, and tells him to ride fast and free.

The cast and crew of Quicksilver

Quicksilver was directed by Thomas Michael Donnelly, who also wrote the screenplay. He was inspired by the real-life bike messengers that he saw in New York City, and wanted to make a movie that captured their spirit and culture. He also wanted to explore the themes of risk, freedom, and redemption through the main character's journey.

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The movie stars Kevin Bacon as Jack Casey, who was already a popular actor at the time, thanks to his roles in Footloose, Diner, and The Big Picture. He did most of his own bike stunts in the movie, and trained with professional messengers to prepare for the role. He also contributed to the soundtrack of the movie, by singing a song called "Quicksilver Lightning".

The other actors in the movie include Jami Gertz as Terri, Paul Rodriguez as Hector, Laurence Fishburne as Voodoo, Rudy Ramos as Gypsy, Louie Anderson as Tiny, Charles McCaughan as Airborne, David Harris as Apache, Gerald S. O'Loughlin as Mr. Casey, Whitney Kershaw as Mrs. Casey, Joshua Culp as Randy Casey, Georgann Johnson as Mrs. Avery, and Michael Paul Chan as Wing.

Why is Quicksilver worth watching?

Quicksilver is a movie that has some flaws, but also some merits. It is not a masterpiece of cinema, but it is an entertaining and enjoyable film that offers some thrills, laughs, romance, and drama. Here are some of the reasons why Quicksilver is worth watching:

The bike stunts and chase scenes in Quicksilver

One of the most impressive aspects of Quicksilver is the bike stunts and chase scenes that showcase the skills and agility of the messengers. The movie features several sequences where the messengers ride their bikes through busy streets, narrow alleys, crowded sidewalks, bridges, tunnels, ramps, stairs, elevators, rooftops, and even inside buildings. They perform tricks such as wheelies, jumps, slides, spins, flips, skids, and dodges. They also have to avoid cars, pedestrians, dogs, cops, and other obstacles. They also have to deal with the weather, traffic, and terrain conditions. The movie uses real locations and real messengers as extras, which adds to the realism and excitement of the scenes. The movie also features a climactic chase scene where the messengers pursue Gypsy's car, which is one of the highlights of the film.

The musical score and soundtrack of Quicksilver

Another appealing aspect of Quicksilver is the musical score and soundtrack that accompany the movie. The score was composed by Tony Banks, who was the keyboardist of the rock band Genesis. He created a synth-pop style music that matches the mood and pace of the movie. The soundtrack also includes songs by various artists, such as Roger Daltrey, Ray Parker Jr., Peter Frampton, Giorgio Moroder, and Kevin Bacon himself. The songs are mostly upbeat and catchy, and fit well with the 80s vibe of the movie. Some of the songs are also used as background music for the bike scenes, which enhances their impact and energy.

The themes and messages of Quicksilver

Quicksilver is not just a mindless action movie, but also a movie that has some themes and messages that are relevant and meaningful. The movie explores the concepts of risk, freedom, redemption, friendship, love, and identity through the main character's arc. Jack is a man who loses everything he has worked for, and has to start over from scratch. He finds a new way of living that gives him joy and satisfaction, but also exposes him to danger and uncertainty. He has to

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