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Obey Me! Season 2 Episode 7

"In these mini episodes of Otaku FM, Satoshi Kada and the side character voice actors will delve deep on Vol. 3 of the Obey Me! Character Song Project. Hear what the voice actors thought about finally getting the chance to sing only on Otaku FM Mini."

Obey Me! Season 2 Episode 7

As the sun begins to set over the mountains, a golden color sways over the extensive forest. Just out of the hiking trails, Crunchyroll-Hime and Yuzu arrive to a beautiful landscape with lush greens and plenty of space to relax. Join Hime as she sets up camp to recharge and enjoy all the latest anime in Crunchyroll's Summer 2022 season!

"A Man Without Honor" is the seventh episode of the second season of Game of Thrones. It is the seventeenth episode of the series overall. It premiered on May 13, 2012 on HBO. It was written by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, and directed by David Nutter.

Catelyn: "You are no knight. You have forsaken every vow you ever took."Jaime: "So many vows. They make you swear and swear. Defend the King, obey the King, obey your father, protect the innocent, defend the weak. But what if your father despises the King? What if the King massacres the innocent? It's too much. No matter what you do, you're forsaking one vow or another. Where did you find this beast?"Catelyn: "She is a truer knight than you will ever be, Kingslayer."Jaime: "Kingslayer. And what a king he was! Here's to Aerys Targaryen, the second of his name, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, and to the sword I shoved in his back!"Catelyn: "You are a man without honor."Jaime: "Do you know I've never been with any woman but Cersei? So in my own way, I have more honor than poor old dead Ned. What was the name of the bastard he fathered?"Catelyn: "Brienne."Jaime: "No, that wasn't it. Snow, a bastard from the North. Now when- when good old Ned came home with some whore's baby, did you pretend to love it? No. You're not very good at pretending. You're an honest woman. You hated that boy, didn't you? How could you not hate him? The walking, talking reminder that the honorable Lord Eddard Stark fucked another woman."

Part of the reason why these discussions and fanfictions are so popular is because of the horrible way in which their relationship was treated in season 8 and the disappointment in the fact that they did not end up together.

Jackie and Hyde's relationship before the episode "Kiss of Death" ranges from mutual annoyance to compassion. Hyde often urges his friend Michael Kelso to break up with Jackie, but he also doesn't approve of Kelso's bad behavior toward her (e.g., abandoning Jackie to danger in Halloween and cheating on her with Eric Forman's sister, Laurie).

After their unsuccessful date, Jackie and Hyde's relationship is treated by season 3 and season 4's storylines, with rare exception, as if it never existed. The characters' interaction with each other is limited, and neither of them mentions their kiss to anyone. Certain scripted scenes and unscripted moments between Jackie and Hyde, however, have created a "Zennie" subtext that link the two main halves of the relationship. Despite that, Jackie still calls him by his first name unlike season 1. Jackie and Hyde seem to have a physical closeness none of their friends (except maybe Fez) notice. Hyde still demonstrates a protectiveness over her and celebrates her burns of other people, and he tries to make Jackie and Kelso fight (to win a bet).

Jackie and Hyde start a romantic relationship in season 5. It started when they were watching T.V in the basement, before they stared at each other and kissed. It was awkward at first but ultimately led to them making out.

Also, Hyde puts Jackie's feelings above his own. When he has trouble comforting Jackie properly about her father's imprisonment ("Black Dog"), he doesn't give up. He tries more than once to do so verbally and asks others for advice (e.g., the Formans, Eric and Donna). Eventually, he shaves off his beard for her, something he refused to do earlier in the episode, and it cheers her up. He "let the razor say the words [he] couldn't speak."

Jackie, though, still acts undecided in "Celebration Day". She pits Hyde and Kelso against each other to prove who loves her the most. In the end, she decides that she loves herself the most and will take the summer to make her choice between her ex-boyfriends. This is how season 5 ends.

Jackie and Hyde finally reconcile in "Join Together" -- with Kelso's help. He finally and truly "released" Jackie in the previous episode, having realized she'd grown beyond him thanks to Hyde. Jackie and Hyde's reconciliation doesn't come easily. Jackie tries to seduce Hyde, and he resists (though it's hard for him). Their pride gets the better of them, too. They both initially refuse to admit they want to be with each other. Jackie proves herself to be the braver person, however, and risks confessing she wants to be with Hyde. Hyde then confesses he wants to be with her. She attempts to get another, "I love you" out of him, but he tells her not to "push it," and they kiss.

Jackie goes to Mrs. Forman for help. Jackie says, "How do I know [Steven] loves me if he doesn't obey me?" Mrs. Forman gives Jackie the advice to "pick her battles". Jackie takes this advice to heart. She tries once again to get Hyde to lie about thinking Brooke is hot and he refuses once again. Then Jackie asks him to "go to the drug store and get [her] a Vogue magazine". He protests, saying his ice cream is going to melt, but he abandons it and, to Jackie's delight, does as she asks.

"Down The Road Apiece," though it gets Jackie and Hyde back together, has major issues. The reasons Jackie and Hyde give for having gotten involved in the first place directly contradict season 5.

Jackie and Hyde never reconcile, as the new showrunners ignored, dismissed, and dismantled the previous seven years of the show and characterization. Although Jackie and Hyde remain friends their behavior regresses to how they were in season 1.

In its second season, the story of five friends and doctors continues. Together, they navigate the daily ups and downs of being doctors. They experience hardships, new loves, losses, and heartbreaks both within the hospital and in their personal lives.

Song-hwa visits the TA patient, Doo-na, who is able to obey commands but still cannot communicate properly. She explains to the guardian that rehabilitation will be an arduous journey, but the guardian tells her not to worry since she considers all of this a blessing from God.

The episodes seem a bit long and not particularly exciting, as they seem to want to cover all of the five friends equally. More importantly, there doesn't seem to be a compelling plot/conflict to truly tie the episodes together. And because of conflict, it also seems you could watch them out of order and not miss much...

agree! i feel this season overall hasn't been consistent, some eps are markedly more boring than others. which is a pity cos i so so so loved season 1. but if u've watched the latest episode 8, i think finally the mojo is back... i hope it will last for the remaining precious eps!

With Song-hwa, to me it clearly seems like this season is about the evolution of her feelings for Ik-jun and the potential unravelling of that friendzone. It moves at the pace of molasses, but it's one of the more subtle and nuanced threads running through this season so I don't mind so much as with the others I feel someone hit over the head by them.

I feel like every drama has a 'transition episode,' where the ship clunkily makes a pivot, and I'm hoping (having seen ep 8 last night) that this was that episode for the season. It felt mostly like a lot of filler, and 90 minutes is a lot of filler. I was excited for the camping trip because a) Friendzone & Feelings aside, Song-hwa and Ik-jun are fun to watch together because JMD and JJS have good on-screen chemistry, are clearly comfortable playing off of each other and b) U-JU, my sweet little darling! But the camping bits were so short and there wasn't much to them, not to mention uri U-ju's presence consisted nearly entirely of being adorable yet sad and mute, staring miserably into the fire.

I am about this close to FF through the rest of the Winter Garden scenes for the rest of the season. Jung-won has become the most boring character at this point, and this relationship seems not to have progressed past middle school. If IkSong are going to be a thing, then just make it a thing already. Please help Jun-wan get his mojo back. Please give us more time with the friends. And, show, whatever you do - break not U-ju's heart! Mo-ne + U-ju 4-ever!

THIS! I don't even understand at which point the writing became downwardly slanted, due to the unmemorable episodes. Episode 8 shows some development; it felt like the pull that drawed me into the first season was finally back.

Let me explain. First of all, the show is showing quite a lot of lines, doctors, patients, guardians ... and then the love lines of all the doctors. Isn't it a bit too greedy to have everything advance? I know, for example, Jungwon and Gyuwool are being simply sweet for the first half of this season, but their problem is looming: it's obvious Gyuwool' family has a problem more and more difficult to hide, and we even know it before we get to this episode. When there are so many issues we have to handle in one episode, some lines must become secondary or just decorative, like different musical instruments in an orchestra, so why not having Jungwon and Gyuwool play sweet in the beginning?

I've been wondering why I've been disappointed with Season 2 after absolutely flipping over Season 1 (shot HP to the top of my Kdrama faves). One thing I'm feeling is that too many of the plotlines seem to stretch over too many episodes where in S1, many of the plotlines resolved within a single episode and fewer of the story arcs spanned over multiple episodes (or even the entire season for that matter). It even feels like many of the patients' stories cover multiple episodes whereas I think most of the cases in Season 1 were limited to a single episode with an occasional cameo in a subsequent episode. All of this contributes to a feeling of inertia with the drama for me and it's tough for me to feel vested in any of the story lines as a result. Less vesting, less emotional impact, and that's what had me so hooked with the first season. Hopefully the pacing gets better in future episodes - I remain eternally hopeful given the great cast, PD and writers. 041b061a72

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