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Buy Rainbow Vacuum

I can't believe the negative reviews. This is one more proof not to rely on the reviews. It's just ridiculous that people base their reviews of the product on the customer service or some perks they were promised. Who cares about it? I have this vacuum from 1993, this is my second one. Nothing was wrong with the first one, I just exchange it for a newer model. Can someone tell me about any other vacuum that works for decades without any serious brakes? I needed "customer service" ONCE in all these years. The belt in the carpet cleaner attachment broke after 15 years (ha-ha). I research where is the Rainbow service office located, called, made an appointment, dropped it off, and picked it up when it was done. What is a big deal? People are making big deal out of everything.

buy rainbow vacuum

I feel so sorry for most of those reviewers. Most of the time it's even hard to understand why they call it a scam. Because they didn't receive some perk, which they don't need and will not use anyway? Why not say anything about the vacuum? No other vacuums clean, look and work better than Rainbow. Regular vacuums with the bag clean a little first 10 min after you put a new bag in and break on average every 3-5 years. This awful smell when you clean with a regular vacuum, is the smell of the dust going from the vacuum into the air. And they think they are cleaning. What a joke! I love my Rainbow vacuum! I am sooo glad I found out about it and bought it so many years ago. It still looks great and works perfectly!

I have had my Rainbow cleaning system for a year now. I love it! I wish I had known about it sooner. Both my boys have allergies and my oldest has asthma. Since using the machine he no longer needs puffers. Anytime they start sneezing they know that either their mattress needs to be cleaned or the machine needs to run on high for 30 minutes. They thank me all the time for getting the rainbow. My husband is a truck driver and was always complaining about a stuffy nose and headaches. We cleaned his mattress. Boy was it dirty we dumped the water 3 times. He has not had issues since. And he also knows to vacuum the mattress when he starts getting stuffy. This machine has cut my cleaning time in half.

I have had my Rainbow for about 10 years and I love it! I came to the website just to see what people are saying about it, and was very surprised from all the negative comments. This vacuum cleans extremely well and I have had zero issues with it. However, if you do not like to clean after cleaning, this may not be the product for you.

First I will say this has nothing to do with the performance of this machine. It is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone that can afford it; but the sales rep is the issue in this case. He lead us to believe that we would have no issue in getting others to sign up for a demo so that we could get our machine for free. Everyone we asked declined a demo, (therefore we are stuck with a $5,000 vacuum cleaner.) Not only did the sales rep say that, he also said that we would be getting a car attachment and carpet deep cleaner and he was going to replace our deodorizer with a new one and bring a new one on top of that to our business. None of this happened and he never showed back up, even after the calls and texts stating he was just busy and gave me a date we would see him again. This was a pure disappointment. He was a great salesman and sold us a bunch of lies.

A few days later somebody advised me that it was too good to be true, that this was surely a tactic used by them to lure customers. I did not want to take the chance so I contacted the seller whose name was Mylene to cancel the contract. She said it was too late, I just had 2 days to cancel it, but still I had time to refer friends and get the vacuum for free. I had to contact the office and they did not answer at all. I sent them an email and they said it was late to cancel the contract too. At that time I had already referred some friends and I heard they were never contacted. I'm glad they were not.

Six months later I got a call from Lendcare that started to collect the money for the vacuum without any explanation. I had never heard from them before neither I had signed any financial contract to them, however they bombarded me with emails and calls, threatening me to collect the money, even affecting my credit. I realized both companies were related using the same dishonest practices. I had to sue them to do things right. Please be advised and avoid all this because they are deceiving customers using dishonest practices where ever they are doing business.

My friend referred me and a salesperson came to my house. Carl was his name. He was really aggressive as a salesman and doesn't give you time to think and push you to buy the vacuum cleaner. This vacuum isn't worth $4,000, because that's what you're going to pay. If you take out financing, after 36 months it will cost you $5,600. It's crazy. It is EXTREMELY loud and heavy. Customer service is DISGUSTING when the sale is final. Don't be fooled and save your money. You won't get a discount or giveaway product if you introduce 12 people to them and 2 people buy. IT'S A LIE! RUN!

The vacuum works well. But it's inconvenient to drag this big thing around and up steps. You end up paying around $4,000 for this. By the time you decide you don't like it you can't sell it back to them or get out of the contract. You can buy a vacuum almost identical to this for around $900. Don't get sucked into their sales web. Before you know it you'll be signing a contract that you can't get out of. Not worth the money you pay for it,!!!

Most home vacuum cleaners are either bagged (bag) or bag less (dust cup). The rainbow, however, is surprisingly old school and uses water filtration to trap dirt, dust, bugs, hair and other allergens that have an uncanny knack to stay concealed, under the teeniest of crevices.

Out of the box, the E4 Black Edition Rainbow Vacuum may seem a tad heavy, especially if you are used to the compact carry-in-hand vacuum cleaners of recent times. But it comes with a dolly that has caster wheels, allowing you to move it around the house with ease.

Also included in the pack are a bundle of accessories and attachments that allow you to extend the functionality of the vacuum beyond the norm. You have the Floor & Wall Brush, a Dusting Brush, an Upholstery Tool, a crevice tool, a Confined Space Cleaner & Inflator Tool, a Refrigerator a Coil Cleaner, an attachment Caddy and an aerofresh bag.

The Mattress: Contrary to popular notion, your mattress can be a magnet for dust, mites and dead skin. The Rainbow Mattress removes a surprisingly large amount of gunk from the matress within minutes. If you or someone in the family suffers from skin problems or allergies, then the rainbow can be an unexpected remedy for it. Thanks to the HEPA filtration system, nothing escapes it. Not even the sneakiest bed bug.

Unlike typical vacuum cleaners with a standard cloth or paper filter, the Rainbow is surprisingly low on maintenance and with regular care, you can easily expect 30-40 years of trouble free performance.

One of the things that sets the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner apart from others on the market is its use of a water canister to trap the dust and dirt that the vacuum sucks up from the carpet. Other brands only have bags, and small particles slip through the porous material these bags are made of, and find their way back onto the floor.

Essentially, the big deal with this vacuum is how much dirt and other gross stuff gets sucked up into the water canister. Your carpet really does get cleaner. I have allergies, and I honestly believe I was breathing better once all that was out of my house.

When the fragrance is used while vacuuming, it leaves a delicate, pleasant scent on the carpet. Some people find they actually like to use different scents in different rooms, which is why this four-pack assortment is so appealing.

Phone our Raleigh store at 919-878-8530 or our Cary store at 919-467-2834, and one of our Clean Home Experts will answer any questions you may have about Rainbow vacuum repair or Rainbow vacuum service.

These two manufacturers regularly tout their superior cleaning performance and general durability. Consumers with limited experience in high-end vacuum systems are often surprised to discover the somewhat heated debate surrounding the Kirby vs. Rainbow vacuum cleaner.

Kirby is by no means the most portable vacuum currently on the market, as the strong aluminum build that makes it so durable also makes it heavier than lightweight counterparts from Dyson and Bissell. Despite this, the Kirby Avalir 2 requires minimal push force when in Tech Drive due to its power assist feature.

Are you willing to settle for a vacuum cleaner that merely removes debris from rugs and certain types of carpets? Or do you prefer an all-encompassing system that makes your entire home look pristine? The Kirby Avalir 2 is your best bet if you find the latter option appealing.

Rainbow vacuums are also highly versatile, offering various attachments to help you clean every nook and cranny. The power nozzle is incredibly compelling; this uses a revolving brush to handle pet hair and stubborn debris. Meanwhile, the AquaJet provides thorough carpet cleaning, while the RainbowMate delivers a further reach for cleaning inside cars and other difficult-to-access spaces.

Strong warranty coverage sets both Kirby and Rainbow vacuums apart from the competition. The Rainbow warranty lasts four years for the SRX Cleaning System and related accessories. Moreover, Rainbow motors get a full ten years of warranty coverage.

At first glance, the Kirby warranty might not seem quite as robust. New Kirby systems come with a three-year limited warranty. Once the warranty ends, however, you still have an excellent option for getting your vacuum into tip-top shape: the Lifetime Rebuild Program, which we will describe in detail below. 041b061a72

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