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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Sandra Teen Micro

For the launch, the Justin Bieber home collection comprises top of bed and sheeting that includes photo-real printed comforter sets, printed sheet sets, and photo-real pillowcases as well as decorative pillows available in multiple shapes and sizes, photo-real printed fleece throws and printed micro-plush throws.

sandra teen micro


Baier, Waltraud, Burnett, Brian A., Payne, Mark, Warnett, Jason M. and Williams, Mark A. (2020)Using micro computed tomography to examine the larynx in cases of suspected strangulation- a comparison of case findings and control images. International Journal of Legal Medicine, 134 . pp. 1441-1450. doi:10.1007/s00414-019-02194-y ISSN 1437-1596.

Murphy, Caroline (2011)An art programme for excluded teenage females attending a PRU: an investigation of the experiences of pupils, staff and an Educational Psychologist researcher. DEdCPsy thesis, University of Sheffield.

Taylor, Roberta E. (2011)Being clouds, pulling teeth and using their breadloaves : a multimodal micro-analysis of instantiations of child-to-child interaction in classroom contexts. PhD thesis, University of Sheffield.

How can visual ethnography help us to understand the nature and the complexity of the (ethnic/gendered/classed) experience of growing up? Drawing cm two ethnographic projects, we discuss the purposes and the difficulties of the particular methodology of auto-visual ethnography which we deployed. Our specific focus was the relation-ship and the tension between the representation and the individual everyday experiences. Through focusing upon the micro worlds of the young people themselves within their wider 'parent' cultures, their engagement with home, school, and outside leisure activities, were revealed to be strategically (if sometimes unconsciously) part of much larger overlapping social spheres and powerful cultural influences. The pre-teenage and teenage female participants were invited to document any aspects of their worlds on cameras and video.

1. Felicity, age eight, had been to a "fairy breakfast," an event organized by a popular Adelaide radio station for its pre-teens listeners. At the breakfast, Felicity had an opportunity to meet her favorite radio personality, Amanda Blair. She talked excitedly of how she took photos of Amanda Blair with her research camera, and wanted to get her prints developed quickly so that she could see how they turned out. Suddenly, she stopped, discovering that in her excitement she had failed to rewind the film and so, exposed to sunlight, it was now ruined. Weeping, she miserably tried to explain the importance of the photographs: how they were pictures of her with Amanda Blair, and how these were pictures that could never be captured again.

2. Diane, aged fifteen was, in her own words, "seriously into Peter Andre" and several other pop boy-bands. The walls of her bedroom, her style of dress, the tapes, and CDs in her personal collection, and the music blaring from her tape-recorder, all attested to her intense random. As she told me one day, somewhat theatrically, "Peter Andre is someone I look up to and admire." In the privacy of her bedroom, she and her friends videotaped their watching of his latest video clip on her own TV set, then danced to the music and sang aloud to the words. Her friends distanced themselves somewhat from her intensity, however, by dancing exaggeratedly; their movements become a parody of the models in the music clip. It was not too cool, even among her own friendship group, to show too much admiration for this particular pop star. 041b061a72

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