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Time Is Running Out

But a critical piece of the deterrence puzzle is still missing: a focused Department of Defense-wide effort to dramatically accelerate and scale the fielding of new capabilities needed to deter China over the next five years. The Pentagon is developing both offensive and defensive capabilities that will take decades to design, build, and deploy. But emerging dual-use technologies are changing the character of warfare much faster than that. This is already evident in Ukraine, where commercial satellite imagery, autonomous drones, cellular communications, and social media have shaped battlefield outcomes. For example, satellite imagery created with synthetic aperture radar, which can see through clouds and at night, has provided a nearly real-time view of Russian movements, enabling Ukraine and NATO countries to counter Kremlin misinformation and sometimes giving Ukrainian forces a tactical advantage. Using this satellite imagery, drones have been able to collect valuable intelligence and serve as effective antitank weapons. Geolocation data has enabled the Ukrainian military to target Russian generals who carelessly used their cell phones. Cell phones have also enabled Ukrainians to document atrocities, while social media has bolstered the Ukrainian resistance and international support for its cause. Many technologies that were previously available only to governments are now readily available to individuals, including in countries that are hostile to the United States. To harness the power of these new technologies, the U.S. military must adopt new capabilities much more swiftly than it has in the past.

Time Is Running Out

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"It's time for Republicans to stop playing games, pass a clean debt ceiling bill, and quit threatening our economic recovery," Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement. "The President welcomes a separate conversation about our nation's fiscal future. Earlier this month, he released a budget that cuts the deficit by nearly $3 trillion while lowering costs for families and investing in America. Speaker McCarthy and his extreme MAGA caucus have refused to put out a budget."

"Mr. President, simply put: you are on the clock," McCarthy wrote. "It's time to drop the partisanship, roll up our sleeves, and find common ground on this urgent challenge. Please have your team reach out to mine by the end of this week to set a date for our next meeting."

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"IBM has been interested in trusted AI for a long time. To have any machine-learning model, you need data -- but if you don't have trusted data, then it becomes tricky," says Nathalie Baracaldo, who leads the AI security and privacy solutions team at IBM's Almaden Research Center. "We saw the DARPA GARD project and we saw it was very much aligned to what we were doing," she adds.

"We know the usage of ART is increasing rapidly," Draper explains. "If no one was starting to discuss it, we wouldn't have an audience for the tools. But I think now is the time -- there's an interest and there's an audience," he adds.

Time is running out if you're hoping to book a relatively inexpensive flight over the holidays. Airlines say demand is strong, and prices are rising quickly, and that means those airlines are back to pulling in huge profits. From Chicago, NPR's David Schaper reports.

SCHAPER: Fewer Thanksgiving travelers are flying out the Wednesday before and heading home the Sunday after. Those who are able to work remotely are staying longer and spreading out their travel over a week or more, so the Mondays and Tuesdays before and after the holiday are busier. And the same is true at Christmastime, too. As for airfares...

The first time the Mavericks played the 76ers this season, it looked like this team was building something this franchise has never seen. This time, it was a bleak reminder Dončić and Irving might only have five more games together.

The net-zero transition will have far-reaching implications, which many executives have yet to appreciate. It is sometimes thought that the cost of carbon will be shared among companies and passed on to consumers. That is wrong. Costs will be unevenly distributed: Companies with carbon-intensive product portfolios and operations, large policy exposures, and low levels of technological sophistication will pay the most. That reality will alter the basis of competition in every industry and steepen every commodity cost curve. The distance between low-carbon leaders and high-carbon laggards will widen. Companies in the latter group may not have a viable business.

In the meantime, a new class of defense technology startups such as Anduril Industries, Epirus and Shield AI sprouted into being, nabbing funds for various development projects, pilot programs and experiments.

Lawmakers have tweaked time ever since. In fact, Ben Franklin was the first to propose a seasonal switch of the clocks to align better with the sun. Franklin suggested the practice would conserve candles. Believe it or not, Congress has only successfully overridden a presidential veto on 112 occasions in the history of the republic. One of them was over a dispute between Congress and President Woodrow Wilson about changing the clocks after World War I.

Dr. Beth Malow of the Sleep Disorders Division at Vanderbilt University Medical Center says choosing one time or another would be better overall. But Malow dislikes a permanent shift to Daylight Saving Time.

"The Dow, the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 experienced negative returns the Monday following both time switches," said Calandrillo. "You pick any random calendar day over the course of history, it's a positive expected value. And yet the expected value is negative on the Mondays following both clock changes. That will show that people hate when you mess up their sleep cycles. They're in a bad mood and that affects the stock market."

Some have wondered if it may be better to rely on local time standards rather than a sweeping, national mandate from Congress. For instance, St. Paul, Minn., and Minneapolis used to operate on different clocks. The Mississippi River carved a temporal border between the Twin Cities.

VMFSA is one of the social organizations with potential to contribute to successful outcomes. While it will never be possible to recover all the bodies from the war, the Vietnam Wartime Accounting Initiative aims to achieve results to the extent possible in the coming five years. USIP is honored to participate with Vietnamese and international partners in this initiative, which has direct importance for families of the missing and broader significance for U.S.-Vietnam reconciliation.

The process of postwar reconciliation between the United States, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia is one of the most remarkable stories of the 21st century. The legacies of U.S. military involvement in Southeast Asia, once a major obstacle to normal relations, have gradually become the basis for a closer partnership. USIP recently brought together diplomats, advocates and authors to draw lessons from U.S. engagement in Southeast Asia and explore how Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians are healing from wartime suffering and building a future based on trust and shared interests.

I think it's possibly very important. This comes at a very particular moment in this very long-running, multi-decadal argument over how to run the Columbia and Snake River dams while meeting the Endangered Species Act and treaty rights. This has been a fight for decades in the courts. At this point, everyone involved in that fight has stood down from the lawsuit and said, look, what we need here is not a court order and not another report from federal agencies. What we need is actually a political process. We need the community to come together and come up with a solution that people can at least live with in the region.

Now, look, the timeframe is very short. The midterms are coming. There's a real effort to try to get anything that happens happening soon for two reasons. Number one, there is always the possibility of a complete turnover politically in Congress. And number two, the fish really are in a very dire way. Especially the Snake River runs are greatly depleted at this point, and there really isn't time for another decade's long process. It's now or never.

If you are considering buying a smartwatch to track your sleep and fitness during your morning jogs, here is your chance to buy one of Samsung top Galaxy Watches at an impressive discount. With Amazon's big Spring Sale in full swing this week, you can grab a whole range of electronics at massive discounts including those tech timepieces. The online retailer has slashed the cost across a number of models with some being sold at a whopping 100 cheaper than their original price.

Amazon just launched its latest site-wide sale. Not all of these discounts are worthy of your time, but we've found the 23 best Amazon Spring Sale deals with genuine record-low prices. Better hurry as the sale ends soon!

Samsung says the materials used with the Watch5 are 60 percent stronger than the Watch4, which should be reassuring for those who use the fitness tracking features on mountain bike rides, snowboarding, surfing, and cross-country running where dings and dents are almost inevitable.

The likelihood of the planet reaching a key temperature limit within the next five years has doubled, according to a study by climate scientists, with the world on track to witness the hottest year on record in that same time frame.

Speaking about the report, senior Met Office scientist Leon Hermanson told BBC News on Thursday: "We're approaching 1.5 C - we're not there yet but we're getting close. Time is running out for the strong action which we need now." 041b061a72

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