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Who Buys Used Laptops

There are plenty of companies where you can sell electronics -- places that'll happily buy old fitness trackers, smartwatches, gaming consoles, laptops, digital cameras and other electronic equipment. In exchange, they'll send you cold hard cash, often in the form of a gift card or PayPal transfer. (Not too shabby for that MacBook gathering dust in your closet.) You can even sell your old electronics without having to visit a physical location such as a pawn shop, now that used electronics website options are becoming more popular. And you won't have to worry about paying for shipping or shouldering the cost of a fee, which is somewhat commonplace with services that sell electronics and old equipment.

who buys used laptops


If you've never used Decluttr before, you're in for a treat. This is one of the fastest bidding services you can use for selling a ton of different kinds of tech. Plug in your details to the form, and you'll see a bid for your gadget in seconds. As long as it's a bid you like, you'll be presented with an option to complete the sale and start the shipping process. Payments are made quickly, which is why this company has one of the highest TrustPilot ratings you can find.

We do purchase broken laptops, but the broken laptop must be on the newer side in order for us to use the parts. Our technicians will evaluate your laptop and offer you a great cash price based off the parts we can use and refurbish.

Our selection includes the latest generations of Intel and AMD processors, Nvidia graphic cards, HDD or SSD, long-lasting battery power, and a wide variety of screen sizes for business and home use. These laptops and netbooks run on the latest versions of Windows, macOS, or ChromeOS, depending on the model.Buy a Certified Refurbished Laptop or NetbookOur Certified Refurbished laptops and netbooks come with a like-new guarantee and 2-year warranty, so you can shop with confidence that your new piece of tech will last you years to come. Each of our Certified Refurbished products can also be returned or replaced at no cost to you within 30 days from the date you received the item. To ensure buyers always receive the high-quality products they expect, we regularly monitor participating sellers to make sure they're meeting our stringent quality control metrics.

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows and can be found on many laptops and computers from different sellers. Windows 10 is available in two editions: Home and Pro. Home is aimed at home users while Pro is aimed at small businesses. Other versions are mostly sold under volume licensing, such as Pro Education, Education, Mobile Enterprise, Enterprise, S, and Mobile, among others.

Chrome OS is an operating system designed by Google that uses the Google Chrome web browser as its principal user interface. As a result, Chrome OS primarily supports web applications. Chromebooks (laptops based on ChromeOS) are made by several different manufacturers such as Samsung, Lenovo, ASUS, and HP.

HP Laptops and netbooks include a series of powerful computers to cover specific needs for every kind of user. From business-oriented laptops to the fastest and strongest models for gamers, they have high-quality displays, speakers, and processors.

Lenovo provides a series of powerhouse laptops for the creator, the professional, or the gamer. These performance computers combine portability with the full versatility and power of a desktop computer.

The Aspire Series, their most popular line, offers a diverse range of laptops that give you the performance, graphics, and communication tools to step up your digital entertainment, complete your daily computing tasks, and stay in touch with everyone you know.

With Tecra, Protégé and the powerful dynaEdge Mobile mini, Toshiba provides laptops with HD and FHD displays, Dual Mics, SDD storage systems, 7th Generation Intel Core processors, Pillar technology to reduce keyboard bounce, and a long-lasting battery lifespan.

These laptops bring high performance to gaming enthusiasts and are categorized from performance driven portable gaming solutions to high-end desktop replacement powerhouses. MSI laptops and notebooks come with optical drives, a backlit keyboard for late-night gaming, a 7th Gen Intel Core processor, USB 3.1, Thunderbolt 3 (Type C), and Bluetooth v4.1, among other features.

ASUS laptops balance advanced technology and ultramodern design. The latest models will give you 4K displays, 7th Gen Intel Core processors, and up to 16GB of RAM. For ASUS, security matters and some of their latest models come with a fingerprint reader to keep your computer and your information safe from prying eyes.

Laptops and netbooks offer a variety of input options, both for user controls and for input such as files and programs. Both usually feature a keyboard, USB ports, and a touchpad that can be used instead of a mouse. However, laptops can include some features that netbooks do not, like an optical drive, full numeral keyboards, bigger speakers, and larger screens. Laptops are also generally easier to upgrade.

Since they are designed for portability, most laptops have keyboards that are smaller than standard-size versions. Netbooks, however, are even smaller than laptops, and thus feature a much more compact keyboard. For limited use, this may serve you well. For long periods of typing, you may find that the cramped position into which your hands are forced causes pain in the wrists and fingers. Left untreated, such pain can develop into a condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome. If you plan to type for long periods of time, you may wish to consider a larger netbook or a laptop.

Both laptops and netbooks feature USB and Ethernet ports, although these ports are limited compared to the number available on a typical desktop computer. With the increasing capacity and speed of USB flash drives (also referred to as thumb drives or flash drives) and the variety of software available for direct download from the Web, netbook users may not even miss having an optical drive. They can use their regular desktop PC to transfer programs, media, and other information to the netbook as needed or a cloud service platform they might be subscribed to.

Laptops have much higher processing power than netbooks do. Some laptops contain dual-core or even quad-core processors, resulting in a significant jump in processing power. Netbooks are not designed for heavy-duty graphics. They are much more useful for simple word processing, emails, Web surfing, preparing presentations, creating spreadsheets, and similar tasks.

Although laptops commonly have larger batteries, they also run hardware that is more powerful and run more programs and processes, so their average battery life may not be much longer than that of a netbook.

Advances in technology mean that laptops are more powerful than ever before, with some capable of running the latest games. If you'll be devoting a significant amount of time to gaming, consider shopping serious gaming laptops and netbooks on eBay. Pay close attention to the RAM, graphics card, and processors in order to find a device that suits your needs.

Casual gamers may find what they need in our selection of light gaming laptops and netbooks. Remember, our range of new, used, and Certified Refurbished items means you can often discover unbeatable savings on PC laptops and netbooks.

Plus, buying a used PC cuts down on electronic waste. You rescue an old but functional computer from getting thrown in the trash, and you avoid buying a cheap PC that will wear out and be disposed of in a few years.

The three most important things to look for in a used PC are its physical condition (especially for laptops, which move around more and take more punishment), its make and model number, and its specifications.

Andrew Cunningham is a former senior staff writer on Wirecutter's tech team. He has been writing about laptops, phones, routers, and other tech since 2011. Before that he spent five years in IT fixing computers and helping people buy the best tech for their needs. He also co-hosts the book podcast Overdue and the TV podcast Appointment Television.

In a word, no. Though many people have found inexpensive used computers that work just fine, the world of used laptops and computers can be a difficult one to navigate. People just looking for a good deal can often be swindled out of their money.

Customers are attracted to the low initial cost of purchasing a used laptop. Often, however, savings are exaggerated. Used computer retailers will compare a product's price with its initial sale value, not its current suggested retail price, thereby inflating the cost-effectiveness. Additionally, maintenance costs and the potential of earlier replacement often makes the actual value of buying used far smaller than retailers may have customers believe.

Remember, it's being sold for a reason. Sometimes, that reason can be that the old owner just wanted an upgrade, but this mentality is much rarer with computers than with cars. The computer could be slow, infected with a virus, or have damaged hardware and you might not realize this until it's too late. Buying a used laptop or computer is a gamble when it comes to computer safety.

Many computer retailers sell "refurbished" laptops that were originally shipped with some sort of defect. If you are purchasing these under warranty from the manufacturer, the chances are slim you'll end up with a product that's still defective. Even slimmer are the odds that you'll be unable to get your money back in the case that it is. However, beware when buying refurbished laptops through a third party. Their warranties are less reliable and often leave customers with an inferior product and no way to be compensated or helped.

If the laptop is not refurbished, but simply used, follow the same advice. If you can buy a used laptop from the manufacturer, the chances of it being infected with a virus or being unable to support your use of it are pretty low. If it's under manufacturer warranty then you have an entire customer service organization of experts available to help with maintenance issues. If used laptops are being sold through a third party, however, a whole slew of problems may await you with little hope for a solution. 041b061a72

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