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Saucy Santana - Material Girl

Chanel and pearls is the trick that it takes to keep the girls, according to the deputy-general of the Material Girls, Saucy Santana. For the rapper, being a Material girl goes skin deep and it's an essence you hold rather than something you wear, or something that wears you. In the age of consumerism, materialism, and capitalism, Santana isn't afraid to play into the role of all three as long as a message of pure confidence prevails.

Saucy Santana - Material Girl

I feel like we know a lot about your outer layer, what you choose to put out on the internet, and into the world. You know, the material girl, all of the glitz and glamor of it, but what values and ethics do you hold closely?

It's just the culture. It's the culture of rap. It's the culture of just being a bad bitch. I wanna' brag about a nigga buying me a Birkin, I wanna' brag about a nigga buying me a house. I wanna' brag about a nigga buying me a car. I'm a material girl at heart. So I wanna rap about my Chanel bags, and it's just relatable to anybody at home, regardless they have it or not loves a luxury lifestyle. Or would love the finer things in life. So you could be a bitch with $2 in your purse, but you gonna rap that song louder with pride because you want a nigga to wire you a million dollars. So, you know, I just think it's relatable and it's fun for everybody.

Material girls have always been known for something very surface level and materialistic, but is there something that you can hold internally within yourself that equals out to what a material girl could be?

So who doesn't want to be a material girl? Who doesn't want nice things? Who doesn't want diamonds and Chanel? Who doesn't want to ride down, Miami and your boyfriend, you know what I'm saying, taking you on a shopping spree. I just like to have fun and just be relatable for people and just give people nice beats and good vibes and just things that they could talk about.

"I am not fancy, I just love fancy s---. Make a budget disappear like a magic trick. Make 'em buy me everything, I don't have to pick. Only hold a conversation if the bag is thick," Madonna raps at the top of the track. "A material girl is not tasteless, a material girl is my favorite. I'm a material girl, so don't waste this. If you're not a material girl, then you basic."

On TikTok, a "material girl" is exactly what you'd think. You have lots of stuff and you're using the app to let the world know exactly what you own. The trend sprung up from an audio on the app from the song called "Material Girl" by Saucy Santana. The song talks about dealing with guys who make a lot of money, going on trips, and basically buying whatever you want, just because you can.

According to The Sun, the "material girl" trend started on TikTok in the fall of 2021, but it's taken on a life of its own with people making remixes to the song. Different names for the audio, like "Material Gworlll," started to gain popularity, and with that came different variations of the trend.

Material girl, currently workin' on a GrammyMeanwhile, pussy poppin' with ya man in Miami (material world)Material girl, Chanels and pearlsThat's the trick that it take to keep the girls (ah, yeah) 041b061a72

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