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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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[S1E4] The Wrath [REPACK]

The manhunt for Obi-Wan is currently spearheaded by "Third Sister" Reva (Moses Ingram), a character heavily rumored to harbor a deep resentment for the Jedi Order after witnessing the brutal massacre as a Padawan on Coruscant during Order 66. While that theory has yet to be confirmed, the show does establish Reva's relentless determination, which leads her to stab the Grand Inquisitor (Rupert Friend) and face the wrath of Lord Vader (Hayden Christensen).

[S1E4] The Wrath


The dust settles and Pavetta embraces Urcheon. They've met before, secretly forming a bond. Calanthe is not pleased, but Eist insists she "honour destiny" or they risk unleashing its wrath upon them. Calanthe approaches Urcheon. "Here is your destiny." she says, pulling a dagger. But before she can stab the cursed lord, Pavetta screams, unleashing a surge of magical energy. Everyone around her, including Geralt, is sent flying backwards. The windows shatter. Wind howls. Geralt and Mousesack combine their powers to break the spell. "Do you believe in destiny now?" Eist asks Calanthe. "I thought your grandmother's gift had skipped you, as it did me." she says, stunned.

Vivaan Agrahari, suffering from midlife crisis, finds a job at Daman Steel Plant. The past failures of his life and the greed to make a mark of his own makes him unravel the truth of the mysterious Mansion House, where he newly moves in with his family. Will Vivaan be able to save his family from the curse, the vicious loop, the unpleasant circumstances and the wrath of the brutal past of Mansion House? 041b061a72

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