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Pou Back Home APK: A Simple and Fun Game with Pou

Mou is a virtual pet game by hungrymousegames for Windows devices. The game is nearly identical to Pou, the only difference being the character on the game resembles a baby Pou with an oval body. The game lacks background music, and Mou cannot be given any clothes. The game can be downloaded here.

Pou Back Home is an unofficial Flash game involving Pou made by The goal of each level in the game is to solve obstacles so that Pou can get back home. At the end of each level, regardless of each level, the person may get a predefined number of stars (usually depending on level score), and a glitch in coding in-game forced every level to be 3 stars (which is then considered a bug).

pou back home apk


Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) offers individuals just coming home from prison the ongoing support necessary to build career capital and financial stability. We believe that everyone, regardless of their past, deserves the chance to work toward a stronger future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

The game mainly takes the First World War as the background. Players will play five different characters, experiencing the pain and fear brought about by the war, and also reflecting the warmth and courage of humanity.

The game takes players back to the time of World War I, and tells the stories of four characters about friendship, survival and sacrifice in the torrent of war in the ups and downs of the narrative game. The dog companion will also return to help players solve puzzles through exploration, puzzle solving and action along the way.

The player's Pou can interact with other Pous by visiting them when the game is connected to the Internet, or play games with other Pous as opponents via selected mini games which have Pou-vs-Pou (PvP) capability. The game connectivity is via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Internet. It has user accounts in order to save and back up the game progress state, in case the device is cleared. The last game progress can be resumed by logging into the user's account. Users can transfer a Pou from one device to another regardless of the platform by logging out of their account from a device and logging into another device; however the application version must be the same between the two devices. In 2014, multilingual support was added.[citation needed]

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Yes! If you are looking for the perfect home for your own media, look no further than the Plex Media Server. You can install the server on a computer or NAS device you already have and then get up and running in minutes. Check out our support articles here.

How do I get my pou back to a baby without purchasing the potion? It's really expensive ( 99 cents) and then you only get one! I mean, some apps are 99 cents, but those are whole apps! Please answer I am soo desperate and my pou is very ugly sometimes I love the pics of my baby pou. If you would like to like me my nickname is freddybpou

Answer from: Mary_Jane_4I think you can't get you current pou back to baby size without the potion, but you may get another pou if you download one with a different e-mail address and I've heard that if you don't feed your pou it won't grow. I don't know if it's true but you can try and you won't loose your current pou because it has another e-mail address. Anyway if you buy clothes to your pou it won't be ugly as an adult. And also change its body color and so on.

Answer from: LondonCxHi lilabon10123 First of all you can't get your Pou back to a baby unless you buy it for 99 cents OR use a pou apk, mod or hack. I have downloaded a mod that gives unlimited coins and I realized that the creator also provided 7 coins adult potion and 7 coins worth baby potion. I bought 2500 of each potion without paying a single cent of real money! It's awesome but I forgot where I got it so ye just search on Internet and I hope the one you find will have coins as potions not real money. I hope this helped and Oh like my Pou so I will like back yours and message my Pou on guest book so I'll also message on yours! USERNAME: londonCx

To restart your Android device, press and hold down the Power button until you see options to Restart or Power off. Restarting your device simply resets the software, which may not solve the original problem. Shutting down your device forces the hardware to boot up from scratch. We recommend selecting Power off, then turning your device back on to reset all software connections.

POU APK can customize the appearance of the virtual pet. Players can choose from a wide range of hairstyles, clothing, and accessories to personalize their pet's look. Additionally, players can decorate their pet's home with furniture and wallpaper to create a cozy and unique living space.

POU APK is an exciting and addictive virtual pet simulation game that offers hours of entertainment. With its customizable features, mini-games, and multiplayer functionality, the app is suitable for players of all ages. The app's high-quality graphics and sound effects create an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience that will keep players coming back for more.

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