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Buy Bungalows In Delhi

There are about 7 2 BHK luxury bungalows in New Delhi that are in close proximity to entertainment & commercial spaces. With all modern amenities being offered & green belt around, these luxurious bungalows in the New Delhi are worth exploring.

buy bungalows in delhi

Buying a 4 BHK luxury bungalow in New Delhi is easy, as there are about 50+ options to choose from. Located in a plus location of New Delhi, these bungalows play host to state-of-the-art interiors and all the possible amenities one can possibly think of.

There are at least 300+ ready-to-move luxury bungalows in New Delhi. These premium bungalows offer all basic and modern amenities besides great connectivity to major attractions, entertainment hubs and commercial spaces.

New Delhi has about 20+ 3 BHK luxury bungalows that share close proximity with major hotspots. These bungalows are located at a prime location of New Delhi and offer all premium amenities plus great infrastructure.

Sir Edwin Lutyens, the architect of Delhi, designed 4 bungalows in the Rashtrapati Bhavan Estate, (Viceroy House Estate); now, these bungalows lie on the Mother Teresa Crescent (then Willingdon Crescent). Lutyens, apart from designing the Viceroy's House, designed large government building and was involved with town planning.[1]

Sir Herbert Baker, who also designed with the Secretariat Buildings (North and South Block), designed bungalows on the then King George's Avenue (south of the Secretariats) for high-ranking officials. Other members of the team of architects were Robert Tor Russell, who built Connaught Place, the Eastern and Western Courts on Janpath, Teen Murti House (formerly called Flagstaff House), Safdarjung Airport (formerly Willingdon Airfield), Irwin Amphitheatre (renamed Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium) and several government houses,[2] William Henry Nicholls, CG Blomfield, FB Blomfield, Walter Sykes George, Arthur Gordon Shoosmith and Henry Medd.[1][3]

The Lutyens Bungalow Zone covers an area of about 26 km2. All land and buildings in the LBZ belong to the central government, except for 254.5 acres (103.0 ha) which is in private hands. It is a very important and expensive zone in New Delhi. There are about 1000 bungalows in the LBZ, of which less than ten percent are in private hands.[8]

The official residence of the Prime Minister of India is at 7, Lok Kalyan Marg a complex of five bungalows, spread over 12 acres (4.9 ha). The former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, also resides here.[13] He was allotted a Type VIII bungalow, on 3 Motilal Nehru Marg (formerly known as York Road), previously occupied by Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit, on 27 February 2014 by Kamal Nath Minister of Urban Development, on account of his being Rajya Sabha MP from Assam. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are a few more politicians who live here at 10 Janpath Former Prime Ministers, not a member of Parliament (MP), are not entitled to a government bungalow, however, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, another former Prime Minister and not a Member of any house, resided in a bungalow on Krishna Menon Marg since 2005.[14]

Filled with rich neighborhoods, the best educational and business institutions, and a lively nightlife, Mumbai has tremendous advantages. The inside real estate market burgeons with bungalows, exceptional marble pools and front elevations, and mansions with the most beautiful ocean views.

Delhi has a multitude of property types such as apartments, bungalows, builder floors, villas, apartment complexes, and plots. The city offers a variety of home furnishing alternatives, including fully, semi, and unfurnished residential properties. In Delhi, there is no dearth of commercial real estate due to the plethora of opportunities for conducting business and seeking employment opportunities.

"Golf Links has witnessed multiple transactions in recent times, with HNIs preferring the area. The low availability of bungalows has kept the price in check," one of the sources told Economic Times.

The area is located at a prime location and is situated in the central part of Delhi, just south of the famous Lodhi Gardens and adjacent to the Delhi Golf Club. Golf Links is known for its lush greenery, spacious bungalows, and wide, tree-lined streets.

Recently, many high-net-worth individuals have been reported to have purchased or mulling over purchasing bungalows in the Golf Links area. The pandemic has also played a vital role in pushing up the prices of property in the area.

Punjabi Bagh is a prominent residential locality previously known as Refugees colony and was renamed to Punjabi Bagh in the year 1960. The area is best known for having huge bungalows mostly in the range of 280-550 square yards. Today, the area has been transformed into one of the best and posh residential areas to live in Delhi.

While there were no major deals in Lutyens Zone in the last few months, many of the properties were up for sale at a discount ranging from 7 to 15 percent. For bungalows that were non-performing assets (NPAs) and in the possession of lenders, the discounts were steeper.

The plot size may be big, the developed or built-up area could be much less. There is also little scope for redevelopment potential due to strict building norms. There are around 3,000 bungalows in the area and 500 of these are privately held.

Representing the urban chic lifestyle, Hargobind Enclaves is home to some of the most opulent flats, plots, villas, bungalows and penthouses. This locality consists of inspiring designs, lavish vibes and thriving surroundings. The area encompasses many famous schools, hospitals, shopping destinations, tech parks and every essential amenity that we can think of, fellas! This is the place to be if you wish to spend less time on the road and more in your lovely home!

The LBZ covers more than 3,000 acres with around 1,000 bungalows, out of which between 65-70 are for private use. These include those of "old money" families such as the Birlas, Dalmias, Modis, Ruias, the Burmans of Dabur, Vineet Jain of the Times Group, and steel magnates Laxmi Mittal, and the Jindal brothers. The Paytm CEO will be the first Internet billionaire to have a home on the block even though his buy isn't really a big one with respect to Delhi's elite real estate circuit. 041b061a72

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