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Things you need to be aware of regarding Rings For Couples

Veretta, Eternity or Riviera The Riviera is a well-known wedding ring. It is a metal ring, usually white gold, with an uninterrupted line (usually diamonds) but not always. It could consist of five small diamonds or an entire circumference made of precious stones.

It can also be composed of two rows of stones, often like an Elizabethan crown. If the diamonds set don't adhere to the entire circumference but rather a small portion (also to make it more comfortable to wear), it is also called half-eternity. It is also known as half turn or half veretta.

It is an expression of love that never ceases. It is often used as an anniversary ring to mark important milestones, such as 10 years of marriage.

CoupleSet Wedding ring, or Fede is the most sought-after ring used for weddings. Usually a smooth metal band in yellow gold. The size or thickness as well as curvature can differ. There are those who prefer variants in white gold, or with a tiny diamond set into the band. The wedding date, as well as the names of the spouses are often engraved inside. In Central-Eastern Europe and the Iberian Peninsula, it is usually worn on the left ring finger.

Beyond the customs and religious beliefs it is now common to wear it by both spouses.

Toi et Moi or Contrarie A ring with two similar stones that are placed in front of the other. The majority of the time, they are not identical and this coupled with the position clarifies that we're talking about two people who are able to complement one the other. The ring stands for the unbreakable bond of two lovers. Napoleon gave it to his future wife Josephine who wrote on it the words "You and I, forever". Its popularity grew after the fact. This ring lends itself to experiments in design and style because the stones can be different with strong contrasts, but also harmony and symmetry. Sometimes the tops have an the form of animals, such as snake heads. The most key is to emphasize the duality and harmony.

Trinity It was designed by Louis Cartier and has been copied and popularized ever since. It is made up of three metal bands in rose gold for love, yellow gold to symbolize fidelity and white gold for friendship (initially made of platinum) and they cross.

The Trinity also has a religious meaning, and the name is certainly a reference to it (Holy Trinity). In actuality the Trinity ring is the traditional wedding ring used in Russia and is always worn on the right hand.

Trilogy It should not be confused with the trinity we have just seen. This is a single engagement ring that contains three stones. Usually diamonds. Apart from representing the financial availability of the spouse, it is an important pledge of love. The three stones symbolize love for all times Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. In the language of lovers, this means I love you I will love you, and I loved you. If it's made from diamonds, it also signifies an irresistible, long-lasting, unbreakable relationship.

It is usually utilized by couples who get married in a church for the religious meaning that accompanies it, namely the Trinity (I know that they are confusing us with the Trinity): Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who will bless the marriage.

The number 3 is also an extremely symbolic number. It is associated with love, strength, and purity.

All of these rings lend themselves to design and mix interpretations For instance, the trilogy can be seen as an amalgamation of a riviera and a solitaire. It can also be made with smaller stones scattered throughout the band, much like an eternity.

The trinity is covered with tiny stones, like three intertwined rings. The solitaire can have an elongated crown of diamonds around it, and so on.

I hope you enjoy this article. I learned a huge amount, considering that I was not knowledgeable about engagement and wedding rings. I had to conduct extensive research.

This led me to uncover and revisit many things that I had forgotten. (If you want to learn more these sources, here are the ones I used). In reality, the post was meant to be one but it ended up being two.

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