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[S8E10] The One With Monica's Boots

Monica buys really expensive but fabulous boots. Chandler wants to return them, as they are way too expensive: even more than they pay for the rent. Monica promises to wear them all the time and they'll be worth the money. However, the more Monica wears them, the more they hurt her feet to the point where she is in excruciating pain. She can't take them back either, as there's blood on the inside. Chandler has a Christmas Party at his office and he wants Monica to wear the boots, what she doesn't want. When it turns out that there's also dancing at the party her feet end up hurting so badly that she breaks and confesses to Chandler that she can't wear the boots anymore and that Chandler has to carry her home on piggyback. Midway, however, she loses the boots, just as they reach a store with near-identical tan boots. Having lost her original boots without a chance to say goodbye, Monica decides to say goodbye to the tan boots in the store, when she suddenly notices that they are are discounted by 50%, but Chandler quickly carries her away before she can react.

[S8E10] The One With Monica's Boots

Monica gets the spotlight in Season 8's "The One with Monica's Boots," which sees her buying an expensive pair of boots that hurt her feet. Forced to use them to justify the expense in Chandler's eyes, Monica spends most of the episode in pain, allowing Courteney Cox to display her physical comedy chops. 041b061a72

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