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Where Can I Buy Lagavulin 16 Fixed

@Nozinan @OdysseusUnbound i think I mentioned somewhere here earlier that I mixed the 8 and the 16 half and half and it was quite beneficial to both. Still a fan of the 16 though, despite its shortcomings ( CF, added colour, low ABV) because, like you @OdysseusUnbound, it was one of my earliest exposures to serious peat. Very fair review, @Nozinan.

where can i buy lagavulin 16


I'm just wondering how big of a deal the whole thing is out in the real (non-whisky) world. Does he talk about Lagavulin 16 on the show? A lot? In commercials? Is it to the point where non-many whisky people don't really know what Lagavulin 16, except that it's the booze that some TV character talks about?

The nose is powerful and soft at the same time with loads of medicinal elements and peat, sea salt and more maritime elements. I am transported straight to the rocky coast of Islay, where a feisty wind almost blows me from my socks. But there is also a doused wood fire, vanilla, caramel and oranges on this lovely, warm nose.

@masterj, this conversation has been going on on Connosr for a long time, 2 or 3 years, at least. I and others have had GREAT Lagavulin 16 in the past, but not in very recent years. Others are still delighted with it. Who knows how many of those still delighted are drinking from the same batches as those of us who are not delighted by some recent batches? Lagavulin 16 is on a great sale now here where I live, but I wouldn't dream of buying another bottle of Lag 16 without tasting from a bottle from that particular batch first. My current bottle of Lagavulin 16 is just so damned boring that I would never want to repeat it.

Finish - Dry smoke, bitter acidic ash and the after taste of eating charred nuts. Surprisingly, not too much, and definitely not overwhelming, but a HELL of a lot more then Talisker 10 has (smoke). Nice and lengthy. The finish is where it really makes its presence known.

Nose: Rich and inviting peat. This is smooth elegance in a glass. A woodsy peat greets your nose. Then comes a rich sweetness. It is a very complex and mellow sweetness like over ripe plumbs or dates. It is a very low tone sweetness. There is a velvet and purple quality to this nose. I would swear that there are a few sherry casks in this malt. After some time the peat all but seems to disappear into the background woods with the sweet sherry fruit coming to the fore. Behind that you can easily pick out leather, pine needles, pine cones, dried bark, and moss. Really one of the great single malt noses. Lagavulin really hits where it needs to at this age statement: refined elegance, complexity, and power. With more time the peat almost disappears completely.

First review on the first scotch that got me (and it would seem many others here) interested in whisky. Had some conversations with a mate of course as well, and he introduced me to Malt Madness. The combination of the above got me intrigued and somewhat obsessed just a few months ago. (By way of example I was reading early into one Saturday morning to the point where I added four bottles to a local retailer's online store. The next morning I woke up much earlier than usual and was almost waiting for the shop to open.)

Both this one and Talisker 10 had me rate it as repulsive about a month ago when I tried each one at the bar. I gave Talisker 10 another chance last week, and I reviewed it with an improved score. The same goes for this Lag16, whereby it gets bumped way up to an 89 rating from this evening's tasting mission. Very good, but not good enough for me to buy a bottle to take home. It is very smooth, dark in color, and very similar to a Talisker 10 without the excessive sweetness. The bartender agreed with my description.

When it comes to the smoke and peat, I prefer Talisker 18 these days. It's up near the top of my list. I also have a bottle of Uigeadail open, and while it's deliciously dependable, I'm really loving the austere notes of Talisker 18. Perhaps a part of my admiration comes from the fact that the T18 will be impossible to replace, whereas the Uigie can be found on the shelf only a few miles away at the nearest liquor store.

BTW, $100 AUS is (relatively speaking) a good price, as here in Ontario (who along with Australia and British Columbia seem to be the most expensive whisky jurisdictions in the world, where there appears to be a good sized whisky audience) the bottle currently goes for $110 CAN.

Strong smoke and peat. A huge nose, like Rocky Balboa, will knock you back, but in a very good way. I love the smoke. Think of being engulfed in the BBG pit with a big strip steak. Beneath the smoke, I pick up the luscious dark fruits. I let it simmer in my mouth where the flavors explode; thy fruit, thy salt, thy alcohol. Each flavor and expression says "Here I am", kindly giving way to the next. Perfectly arranged and balanced...Beethoven is in the house! And the finish...what a long finish!!! It's like a 100 point Brunello di Montalcino (a 2001 Casanova di Neri), but longer. In 1967 Ernie Albert and ZaZa Gabor gave us "Green Acres is the place to be." In 2011, Islay is the place to be!!! I give it 99s point, in honor of The Great One.

Palate: BIG PEAT and SMOKE. Building in intensity with the peppery spices. If your nostrils weren't sufficiently cleared by the aroma, they are now! There's more in there as well, but goodness if I can't discern it. I'm tasting apricots, marmalade, and spiced apples. The whisky isn't exactly sweet, but it has the hint of sweetness. The flavors are as though the sugar has been cooked out of it, but the base flavor remains. This monster has been meticulously balanced to deliver an incredibly WARM taste. I am sitting by the campfire, I have finished a wonderful spiced apple cobbler. The flavors are still on my tongue as I pull back on a maduro cigar. I am downwind, catching a face full of smoke (both from the fire and from the cigar). This whisky encapsulates this experience for me, which brings me to a place where happiness ensues. If you don't like campfires, smoking cigars, spiced apple cobbler, or whisky, then stay away from Lagavulin 16yr!

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