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The Battle At Lake Changjin II (Water Gate Brid... ((NEW))

The Battle for the lake is over, the Americans are retreating. But for Wu QIanli (Wu Jing) and his men the 7th company of the Chinese People Volunteers, they will march from that victory battle to another. Their new orders, their new task, is to defend or if need be, blow up Water Gate Bridge. This plays a crucial part of the US Armies retreat from the area. As with the previous battle it is not just the horror of war they must endure, they must also fight the extreme cold, the lack of food, and proper clothing for the weather conditions. They march, on and take up positions at the Suman Bridge, constantly fighting to survive could this be their final battle?

The Battle at Lake Changjin II (Water Gate Brid...

Set during the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea (1950-1953), "The Battle at Lake Changjin," jointly directed by Chen Kaige, Hark Tsui and Dante Lam, tells the story of Chinese People's Volunteers (CPV) fighting bravely in freezing weather in a vital campaign at Lake Changjin, also known as Chosin Reservoir. The sequel (of which the Chinese title literally translates to "Watergate Bridge") sees actors Wu Jing and Jackson Yee reprise the leading roles. It follows CPV soldiers of the same company as they take on a new task. And this time, their battlefield is a crucial bridge on the retreat route of American troops.

Synopsis: The mystery-comedy film, the third instalment of the eponymous franchise, sees Tang Ren (Wang) and Qin Feng (Liu) arrive in Tokyo to investigate a murder. Qin, who is tasked with solving the case, engages in a battle of wits with the brilliant Japanese detective Hiroshi Noda (Tsumabuki).

The film "Watergate Bridge" is set in the Battle of Changjin Lake, in the second battle of the USA backed Korean War. A more difficult task, this time they will go to a more difficult battlefield and accept a more cruel test. This battlefield was the throat of the U.S. military's retreat route-Watergate Bridge.(Source: Google Translate Douban) Edit Translation 041b061a72

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