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We Buy Used Medical Equipment !!EXCLUSIVE!!

If your facility is located in Las Vegas or in relatively close proximity, we will personally come out to your facility, take note of your inventory, and make you a fair offer on the equipment for sale. If you are located outside of the area, we can still help you. Just send us any pertinent information you may have that will assist us in making a fair market determination for the equipment (like pictures, for example).

we buy used medical equipment

If you are satisfied with the offer and choose to move forward, we will immediately pay you for the equipment. Once you have received payment, we will then coordinate a pick-up day that works around your schedule. We always pay your facility upfront for its used equipment and then have it removed at no cost to you.

We can help you accurately appraise the value of any equipment in your inventory, whether currently in use or sitting in storage. We can give you an estimated dollar value of your working equipment or provide repair estimates on broken equipment.

To discuss your options and receive a quote for your surplus medical equipment, please contact us at Gumbo Medical, LLC, today. For more information on selling your medical equipment, check out our contact page and fill out the form to get started.

Extend the life and value of the equipment, which affords those who may not have brand new equipment in their budget the opportunity to provide higher quality care to their patients.

If the medical equipment you have is still being used by a medical professional and in good condition, you will most likely be able to find a buyer for it. Each piece of equipment has a different demand. Be sure to know the demand for the piece of equipment you are selling. If your equipment is in higher demand than others you should be aware of the higher resale value. The prices for these higher demand items may be competitive and you may want to factor in resale value.

Before you can put your used medical equipment on the market, you will need to clean it up and make it look about as good as new. For example, if you are selling a surgical table be sure to clean the entire table and make sure the table works properly. By cleaning the equipment you will help the piece of equipment look appealing to different people. It is also easier to decide how used the equipment is when it is in tip-top shape.

After you have cleaned the equipment and it is looking bright, you should capture a few photos of the equipment at different angles. This way when you list your item the buyers are able to view the equipment clearly and from different areas.

Are there any medical facilities in your area? Reach out to them and offer to sell them your used medical equipment. Medical facilities may purchase equipment from you for a reduced price because they are publicly funded and may be short on equipment.

Now that you know how to sell used medical equipment you are going to need new equipment to replace the sold equipment. Here at Sage Services, we buy unused patient monitoring equipment, and we also sell new and refurbished equipment. We also repair aging patient equipment to restore it to its former quality and extend the product life-cycle. Contact us today to learn more.

Health care technology managers struggle to find a company that can quickly repair patient monitoring equipment and provide quality replacement parts without charging a fortune. At Sage Services Group, we repair patient monitoring devices and sell FDA-approved accessories so you have more time and money to devote to patient care.

Before you list your medical equipment you will want to take care of a few things. First, you will want to be sure the equipment is clean and in the best condition, it can be. Buyers will stay away from your listings if the image of the item looks dirty.

Hospitals are always looking for medical equipment to purchase at a more reasonable price. If you sell directly to a hospital you will know your equipment will get its use daily. Medical offices have to be very precise on what used medical equipment they are a purchase that has been used before. The equipment they are using could be used in a life or death instance so it is important the device is in its best quality. In this study, they look into hospitals purchasing used medical equipment.

Now that you know who buys used medical equipment get ready to sell! Do you need to purchase new medical equipment or have a repair that needs to be made before you sell? Contact Sage Service today and we will repair it.

Now that almost two decades into the 21st century have passed, technology as simple as a cable connector may seem outdated. Wireless connection is commonplace with many common electronics. Despite this, there is still a place in medical laboratories for cable...

If your organization's strategy includes stretching budget dollars and improving efficiencies, DRE Medical Equipment is for you. When it comes to guidance on selling medical equipment or planning new purchases, our expertise is backed by nearly 30 years of experience. We help you explore the best possible options to give you the right price to improve your bottom line.

DRE is uniquely positioned to give you the most value when you sell or trade your medical equipment. Make the most of your old inventory. Take advantage of extra savings when you trade in your equipment toward purchase of new or refurbished medical equipment. Get a cash deal or replace equipment with whatever you need from our extensive selection of equipment for the operating room and medical facilities. The choice is yours.

Connect with Matt Spencer for expert advice, excellent service and quick turnaround on quotes. Fill out this form today and receive a FREE assessment from Matt Spencer on the equipment you would like to sell or trade in.

In 2009, we launched our company in order to provide the best service in medical equipment rental. Since then, we have been able to branch out to other locations like Dallas to be able to help the medical community here with affordable rental equipment. We have a combined twenty years of experience in the medical equipment rental industry, and we have developed into a trusted resource for many hospitals across the country in many major cities.

We know that the medical industry in Dallas is fast paced and that there is a constant need for on-demand equipment, and we hope to be able to provide and deliver as fast as possible. One of our goals is to eliminate the complexities of ordering and renting medical supplies and equipment by simplifying the rental process. We handle the logistics so that it takes the burden of doing so off the hospitals, medical facilities and healthcare providers, so they can get the equipment they need, exactly when they need it, while we take care of everything else.

While our main purpose at Peak Medical Resources is to provide Dallas area hospitals with the equipment they need, we do offer the option to purchase our supplies directly from our inventory. We also have a rent-to-own option also available so that hospitals can make the best choice possible.

It might be a bit tough deciding which equipment to buy or rent, but we do offer a wide range of options to help you decide. We know that the need for medical equipment fluxuates with the rapid changes to the community and global health issues

We provide Dallas area hospitals with access to over 30,000 devices and machines, supporting the local medical community with our convenience, emergency support aid and top-quality service and supplies. We work hard to provide access to medical equipment that hospitals need so they can continue to balance out fluctuations and continue operating as close as possible to maximum capacity and do it well.

Our feeding pumps are designed to fit in any standard medical or pediatric setting and we offer a wide variety of styles including enteral pumps and tube feeding equipment. See our collection and learn more information about all we offer:

Many hospitals might not have immediate access to the highly specialized equipment needed for infant care, but we aim to make it easier for healthcare providers to have access to it. We have a huge variety of infant care items, from incubators and infant warming cradles, to breast pumps and fetal monitors. See our inventory here:

From your initial search to the final delivery, you can be confident that reLink Medical is on your side. We have a team of HTM professionals on staff who professionally assesses all equipment and scrub all patient data while ensuring clean title and transfer.

We specialize in The Best Used Cisco Equipment Resale Purchasing Services anywhere in the world but especially in the United States and the rest of North America. . A recent survey of Fortune 1,000 companies revealed that All Green is the most trusted name for providers of Used IT Equipment Purchasing. sell used computer equipment.

Contact us today for the best sell used Cisco equipment Company in the industry. We are here to help ensure that your needs are met. All Green Electronics Recycling is the top name in Complete Used IT Equipment Purchasing Services.

iRadSales has been buying and selling medical equipment for over 25 years. Our vast network of hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, and physician practices create an opportunity for us to buy your used medical equipment. We then refurbish your equipment to like-new status which helps others have an opportunity to purchase needed equipment at an affordable price.

Are you looking to sell your used infusion pump? United Infusion buys quality used infusion IV pumps from hospitals and other healthcare entities. Unlike medical auctions, our United Infusion experts will work with you to ensure you receive the highest value for your equipment. Let us help you turn your used medical equipment inventory into cash. Contact us today. 041b061a72

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