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[S2E4] She'll Have You Back

So Mitch, suddenly interested in Hannah's family's best interests, calls to tell Cory that he'd better settle the lawsuit and put a stop to all this. Cory isn't really interested in a morality lecture from Mitch, and guess what? Neither am I! Later, back at Paola's place, she affectionately reaches over to kiss Mitch on the cheek, and he says "Don't do that!" like he's very upset, and apparently now Mitch is afraid of affectionate touch because he feels so bad? Is this a "Mitch heals his trauma" story? My goodness, I hope nobody strains a muscle reaching for that angle. In other news, the professor Paola interviewed has COVID, so now they have to quarantine together. And now you know why Poor Mitch was in Italy: to serve this story.

[S2E4] She'll Have You Back

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Daniel is back from China and eager to talk to Mia. He would like her help addressing racism at TMS and at UBA. And he would like her to start by pushing for him to moderate the debate. Mia takes up his cause with Stella, but Stella says that Daniel has "reached the level of his charisma" (which is one of the most quietly devastating insults I have ever heard) and she doesn't think he has the "it factor" necessary to be as big a star as he'd like to be.

And because Cory, who's her boss, wants Alex to moderate, Stella has to go and try to sell Alex on doing it, even though she herself didn't even want Alex to come back at all. Alex responds by calling Stella a "punk" behind her back to Chip, who tries to oh so very gently let Alex know that Stella is the president of news? So maybe don't call her a punk? It's impossible to tell whether the show is consciously writing Alex as someone who dismisses younger women of color in a way she would probably not dismiss anybody else, but there you have it. (Again, these people! Are villains! Let them be villains!)

Derek is heading to an elevator when he runs into Meredith. He asks if she is skipping rounds. She says she is avoiding her mother and tries to walk past Derek. Derek gets ahold of her arm and pulls her in front of him. Meredith says, "You've got a wife. Your life is complicated. I don't need complicated. I have complicated all on my own." After every sentence Derek says "Yes". Meredith tells him to stop doing that. Derek says, "Try not to make any sudden movements." He smiles and adds that Addison is leaving because she does not have anymore patients and she has no reason to be in Seattle. He strokes Meredith's cheek just as Addison comes. Addison says, "Well, isn't this cozy. Can I join in or are you not into threesomes?" Meredith says she has to go and walks away. Derek tells Addison that she really is Satan. Addison says she's not Satan. Derek asks why she hasn't used her broomstick and gone back to New York. Addison tells him to stop being petty, Derek tells her to stop being an adulterous bitch. Addison says, "You know you are going to forgive me eventually right? I mean you can't just -- I mean there was a time where you thought of me as your best friend." Derek says, "There was a time where I thought you were the love of my life. Things change." Addison pulls out divorce papers from her bag. She tells him if he signs, she'll sign. Meredith is climbing the stairs in the background and sees this. She tells him when he signs she'll be on the first plane out. Derek says he'll sign them as soon as possible. Addison steps into the elevator then steps out, she says, "Have you ever thought that even if I am Satan and an adulterous bitch that I still might be the love of your life?"

Meredith and Bailey go into a room where a young man is the patient. Bailey says, "I thought I told you I never wanted to see you again." He replies, "That's only cause you're too lazy to learn anything more." Bailey introduces Meredith to the patient, Jeremiah Tate. Jeremiah was one of Bailey's first patients when she was an intern. Jeremiah says that Bailey was clueless on how to treat cystic fibrosis. Jeremiah raises around $100,000 a year for cystic fibrosis running triathlons. After reading his chart Bailey says he's finally admitting to having a little pain. She examines him and presses her hand on his torso. He looks to be in some discomfort. He also says he has been having seizures. He thinks it is his pancreatitis acting up again. Bailey says she'll be back with his results and a plan then asks him where his parents think he is now. He laughs and says New Jersey. Bailey smiles and she and Meredith leave the room.

Helen is painting Cristina's toes red while talking about her redecoration plans. Cristina tells her to give her back her toes. Helen says she'll change the subject and asks who the father of Cristina's baby was. Cristina tries to bring back the redecorating subject. Helen says, "Someone you work with, right? Or is it just for sex? You make such a point of not forming attachments." Cristina asks for 20 minutes of peace and quiet. Helen says that the daughter she raised would be more appreciative of her help. Cristina says, "The daughter you raised is begging for you to go. Now." Helen says she did not even have to go to Seattle and that she's very busy. Cristina says, "Yeah. I know. I know. Redecorating your house", then asks if she could bring her a mocha latte. Helen says, "A non fat one." Cristina says, "No, a fat one." Helen takes her purse and leaves the room.

Kalpana takes a pill right as Cristina shows up at her doorway. Cristina calls her on it. Kalpana just says it's "the pill" to prevent pregnancy. Cristina looks through her chart and says it's not there and Kalpana is supposed to tell them all the meds she takes. Kalpana says that Cristina is not her doctor and she should not be there. Izzie comes into the room and tells Cristina she shouldn't be there. Cristina tries to defend herself and says how Kalpana was taking unauthorized medication. Izzie and Cristina have an argument about Cristina going back to her room. Kalpana collapses to the ground and Cristina presses the Code Blue Button. Izzie pounds Kalpana's chest and she comes to. Nurse Tyler comes into the room and helps Izzie put her back in bed. Izzie tells Cristina to go back to her room. Another nurse starts to wheel her there. Cristina tells Izzie to mark down the meds she is taking.

Addison, Meredith, and Bailey are with Jeremiah. Addison tells him when they operate she might have to remove his pancreas and re-route his intestine. Jeremiah asks if Bailey told them his lungs do not do well with anesthesia. Bailey says, "Don't I always have your back?" Addison tells him if they don't operate he might have multi-system organ failure. Bailey says it's going to be a long hard surgery and his body will go through a lot of stress. He says, "Yeah, but I'm me." Bailey smiles and says, "But you're you." He asks if he doesn't have the operation he is going to die and if they do operate he has a chance of dying. Addison says yes. Jeremiah says, "Well, I like those odds." Jeremiah remains optimistic, that he has lived with his disease for 26 years; if he gets lucky, great. He holds Bailey's hand. And if he does not get lucky, "It's been sweet." Bailey says, "It's gonna stay sweet."

Cristina is lying on a bed researching. George comes and says that she is officially AWOL (absent without official leave). Cristina says she's working trying to "figure out what's wrong with the crazy woman on 4". George says that Cristina is the crazy woman on 4. Cristina says she made a break for freedom. George says Cristina has a better patient than him and she doesn't even have a patient. He doesn't think he should be a nanny, he is a surgeon. He says, "But no I'm getting fake labs for fake patients so she could do a fake surgery." Cristina comes to a realization and says, "She's faking it." George says, "It's real to her. It's Alzheimer's." Cristina quickly gets off the bed and says it's the missionary, Kalpana. She hits George on the back of the head and thanks him. George says, "OW! Uncalled for."

Izzie is looking through all of the charts. Cristina comes with Kalpana's chart and Izzie says she was looking for it everywhere. Cristina asks about Kalpana's test results. Cristina says she can find out what's wrong with her without sticking electrodes in her heart. Izzie says, "Really? Just the chart?" Cristina sits down and says, "No. From the pills she took." Izzie says they're just contraceptives then asks why she is so obsessed with this case and tells her to go back to bed. Cristina says she thinks Kalpana's doing it to herself. Izzie said she would be crazy to be doing it on purpose. Cristina thinks that she has Munchausen's - a mental illness where a person acts as if he or she has a disorder when they, themselves cause the symptoms. Izzie asks, "Seriously?" Cristina tells her to run it by Burke and ask what he thinks. Burke is right behind Cristina so Izzie tells her to tell him herself. Izzie hands Burke Kalpana's chart and leaves. Burke looks at Cristina and she holds her hand up to her forehead.Derek is seated at the Nurse's station. Alex tells him they're all set for O.R. (Operating Room) 2 in 30 minutes. In the background, Farah and Samuel are having an argument. Farah says, "I did everything I was supposed to do. Do you understand that? Twenty one years!" Samuel says, "How many times do I have to say 'I'm sorry'?" Derek asks Alex what the argument's all about. Alex does not know. Samuel says, "I love you. I forgive you." Farah replies, "You cheated on me! And you do not get to play the martyr here." Samuel says, "I've got a bullet in my head." Farah says, "And that doesn't make us even!" Samuel says, "You shot me!" Derek says they'll need to get the police. Alex nods.

Burke is looking over Kalpana's chart. Cristina's trying to explain her theory - Kalpana is in and out of hospitals and that they're like family to her because her real family blows her off to care for other people. Burke says it's not enough, they have to rule out everything physical. Cristina says she lied about having a PhD too, she's only a pharmacy tech. Burke bitterly says, "I've been lied to before." Cristina says, "Hey, we're not talking about us here." Burke says maybe they should be. Cristina doesn't think she was lying. Burke says she withheld the truth. Cristina says, "I distinctly remember you breaking things off with me and you didn't seem so upset about it. This, this is not a relationship. This is not real." Burke leans further back into the chair he is seated on and says her name. Cristina adds, "So what's with the big display of hurt and drama?" Burke says her name again as she opens the door. She says, "I'm supposed to be in bed." He says her name again right before she closes the door. 041b061a72

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