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The Guru (2002)

The Guru is a 2002 sex comedy film written by Tracey Jackson and directed by Daisy von Scherler Mayer. The film centers on a dance teacher who comes to the United States from India to pursue a normal career but incidentally stumbles into a brief but high-profile career as a sex guru, a career based on a philosophy he learns from a pornographic actress.

The Guru (2002)

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The film stars Jimi Mistry as the eponymous character, Heather Graham as the actress he learns from, and Marisa Tomei, who helps him reach his guru status among her socialite New York City friends. The film was a commercial success, grossing $24 million in worldwide box office against its budget of $11 million.

Seeking work as an actor, the naïve Ramu unknowingly lands a role in a pornographic film. That evening he accompanies Vijay and his roommates on a catering job at a society birthday party. When the Indian swami hired to address the party falls into drunken oblivion, Ramu takes his place. Lacking a real philosophy, he improvises by repeating advice he had been given by Sharonna (Heather Graham), an adult film actress he met earlier. Lexi (Marisa Tomei), the birthday girl, is so impressed that she promotes him as a New Age sex guru to her friends.

Ramu hires Sharonna, ostensibly for advice on how to be an actor in adult films, though what he really wants is more ideas he could use in his new role as the guru of sex. A personal relationship develops between them, though Sharonna is engaged to a firefighter who thinks she's a substitute school teacher.

When the dance teacher Ramu Gupta travels from Delhi to the US in hopes of pursuing his dream of becoming a star, things take a surprising turn when he ends up being mistaken for a...Read more sex guru.

The Guru is a 2002 Sex Comedy film directed by Daisy von Scherler Mayer that follows a dance teacher (Jimi Mistry) immigrating from India to New York city pursuing a normal career but ends up getting a career as a sex guru based on what he learns from an adult film actress (Heather Graham).

  • Big Applesauce: Takes place in New York city, as Ramu moves there to find his fortune.

  • Closet Gay: Rusty is this, as he is engaged to Sharonna but has a secret relationship with Randy.

  • An Immigrant's Tale: Ramu moves from Dehli, India to New York city in order to pursue a career in acting an ends up being a guru after following Sharonna's advice.

  • I Want You to Meet an Old Friend of Mine: Rob Morrow and Tomei previously worked together in Only Love.

  • Job Title

  • Runaway Bride: The climax has a wedding broken up by two people - one, Randy, who professes his love to the groom, Rusty, and the titular character declaring his love for the bride, Sharonna. Both are successful.

This is for me a guilty pleasure. Jimi Mistry plays a man who leaves his home country of India to live the American dream and be famous. A series of circumstances sees him go from a porn actor to becoming a sought after sex guru after taking life lessons from his costar Heather Graham. Quite hilarious and a sweet romantic comedy at its heart. Graham is delightful and sexy. Also stars one of my favourites Marisa Tomei. Definitely a hidden gem.

Ramu (Jimi Mistry) is a dance instructor in Bombay who longs to be a star. At the urging of his NRI friend Vijay (Emil Marwa), Ramu follows his dreams to New York, but arrives to discover that Vijay's tales of penthouse living and fancy cars were exaggerated just a smidge. When a swami-for-hire passes out drunk before an appearance at a high-society party at which Vijay is working as a waiter, Ramu steps in and fakes his way through an impromptu discourse on sex and spirituality. The ditzy, spiritually-searching socialite Lexi (Marisa Tomei) is taken with Ramu, and declares him her guru, the "Guru of Sex." Suddenly Ramu finds he can make a ton of money by churning out pseudo-exotic sexual philosophy that rich, bored ladies who lunch will pay generously for. But Ramu needs material, so he enlists the help of a porn star, Sharonna (Heather Graham). Believing that Jimi is trying to break into the porn business - and knowing nothing of his spiritual sideline - Sharonna reveals her most personal thoughts and philosophies about sex and sexuality, and Jimi repackages these for his new disciples. Sooner or later, Sharonna will find out that Jimi is using her - but not before he falls in love with her.

The guru, who had denied the charges of raping the two women at his ashram in 2002, was flown by helicopter to a jail in the nearby town of Rohtak because district officials feared they would be overrun by his supporters. His sentence will be announced Monday.

In 2014, six people were killed when followers of another religious leader, guru Rampal, fought pitched battles with police who were attempting to arrest him after he repeatedly failed to appear in court in connection with a murder trial.

When I find myself in such a spiritual quandary, I usually turn to a guide - a guru if you will - someone whose wisdom and penetrating insight has served me well in the past. Someone whose wit is equaled only by his clarity of thought. Whose international renown is exceeded only by his stature in the sheltered world of philosophy. I am referring, of course, to Yogi Berra.

(1) In the late decades of the nineteenth century and early decades of the twentieth century, there was just a small guru-invasion from the East with key players like Vivekananda and the spread of the Vedanta movement in the West.

(c) A growing awareness that spiritual authority is within and that to project it outward onto teacher, tradition or text is an early, adolescent phase of spiritual development in the one projecting, and counter-spiritual manipulative abuse in any guru/teacher who seeks to elicit, to appropriate and to sustain the projection.

In addition to suggesting that managers should request more proof and feweranecdotes before accepting the wisdom of the sages, the authors propose thatmanagers adopt a platitude defense. That is, the next time you hear a guruproclaim an insight such as, "have a bias for action", ask yourself, howcould anyone argue the negative? Would anyone advise us to "have a bias forinaction"?

But while some observers complain about the strategy wizards, others findfault with their credulous customers. While reviewing the Barabba et al.article, one of Strategy & Leadership's contributing editors wrote:"The writers are shifting too much of the blame on to gurus when much of ittruly belongs to those managers who accept the gurus' advice withoutreservation. Much general managerial advice is derived from cases where it wasexactly right for certain corporations in certain situations. Managers must siftthrough it and determine what fits their situation. Managers who naively repeatan unsubstantiated theory are complicit in its distribution". Ouch! 041b061a72

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