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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Savior [v0.12 Beta] [APK]

v0.7 beta-452 Renders-7 Animations (There is a clothing error in one of the animations. It will be fixed after the beta release.)-New Storyline With Amber-New Storyline With Daisy and Olivia-Main Storyline Progress (With this update, new possibilities will open for most of the main characters)

Savior [v0.12 Beta] [APK]

Download Zip:

XDA Senior Recognized Developer topjohnwu's Magisk started off as a systemless root method and has evolved over the years into a much more diverse and powerful tool beyond just plain root. But even today, if you need root, chances are that the recommended root method for your device mentions installing Magisk for superuser access. The latest major update of Magisk, which corresponds to the twenty-fourth version (v24), has now arrived at the public beta branch, officially bringing full-blown support for all Android 12 devices wide and large.

Siren your doing an awesome job I've been beta testing each version since you created the game keep letting this baby of yours grow man. It's gonna turn out awesome to play in the end with a decent storyline behind the game as well so keep up the great work.

As with previous beta builds, the same rule works for this build too: DO NOT USE it with outdated versions of Xash3D-based games/mods, such as XashXT, Paranoia 2: Savior, Quake Remake, Area 51. They will not work with new version of the engine. XashXT is already updated, so you can use version 0.81 (revison 1) with the current version of the engine.

v0.5 Hey guys! We are about to finish things up with version 0.5 so, this is our last progress report before the release day. This version will include 530 renders (Could be more. We will see how things will go after the beta test.)and, 9 animations (Again, could be more). 041b061a72

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