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A great portion of magnets carried by CMS Magnetics are used as craft magnets or hobby magnets. These craft magnets or hobby magnets are available through either retail or wholesale with bulk pricing.


Light Duty Craft Magnets may include our small and round magnets for crafts and perhaps some of our lower powered neodymium magnets. Examples of some of those small magnets for crafts would be sewing smaller magnets into the corner of tea towels to create handy at hand towels for use while cooking. Scrap booking thin magnets for crafts, small science experiments & rainy day projects to both teach and occupy young one's time. Please keep in mind that none of the magnets especially the neodymium mini magnets may be a choking hazard when handled by children of the age that are prone to placing them in their mouths. In addition neodymium magnets may be a finger pinching hazard when handled as just the magnets. If you place the magnet in a stuffed toy then store those toys on say magnetic strips board they are both safe and fun.

Medium projects take Medium Duty Craft Magnets crafts as they require more power than the light crafts. These strong magnets for crafts probably require the mid range neodymium magnets (n40-n48 Grade). Again there are ideas here at our Pinterest site. Hanging tools in the garage magnetic knife holders in the kitchen & if you are so inclined, taking a shot at a perpetual motion machine. Curtain tiebacks with a couple of magnets, magnetic strips for crafts to hang a child's toy race cars or magnetic strips for magnetic knife holders are all medium power or grade level activities. Anywhere you need small but super strong magnets.

Heavy projects need the ultimate heft that Heavy Duty Craft Magnets provide and these are exactly that. They include super strong magnets that require more brute magnetic strength than the above. maybe magnetic strips to hold things like hammers to the wall. Use some of our strong magnets for crafts for magnet fishing (we have a magnet that will hold 405 lbs), hanging larger tools in the garage, holding pieces of metal that you are planning to weld together, a woodworking table holding blocks for a jig to implanted metal magnetic strips, industrial sculpture & maybe holding seasonal speaker set for music out by the pool.

Neodymium magnets are by far the strongest, followed by ceramic and flexible or rubberized magnets. Flexible magnets are more convenient to use, easy to cut & adhere, and the most economical.

If your project is intended to hold several sheets of paper to a refrigerator door, we recommend using ceramic magnets or neodymium magnets, since these will function much better through several sheets of paper.

Hot glues work well with most surfaces and neodymium and ceramic magnets. "Super Glues" (such as Loctite) also work well with these magnets and non-porous surfaces such as metal. Always test the glue and magnet before making a final selection and make sure that all surfaces are clean so that you get a good bond.

Remember that these are guides only and actual holding forces will vary depending on the thickness of the metal you are attaching the magnet to, any paint on the metal surface, and other factors. For safety, always go to the high side by selecting a magnet with the maximum holding force given the weight of the product that will be attached to it. And always test the magnets on your actual product and application since there are many variables that could change the pull force!

These colorful little ladybug magnets make great gifts when you need to have several on hand. They remind me of my plastic lid ladybugs, but with a bit more color from the fabrics. Drop them into party bags, send to a secret sister, or put one at each place setting if you partake in tea parties. Fun just for a smile too!

Kids love rainbow crafts, especially during springtime! So we've gathered 30 of the Best Rainbow Crafts for Kids that we could find for a rainy day or St. Patrick's Day craft inspiration! ... Go To project

Below are some featured categories, such as current holidays, as well as a category I've chosen to highlight. You'll find projects for kids as well as adults crafts. I hope you enjoy browsing and are able to find something you'll have fun making!

All new subscribers will receive my craft book "5 Christmas Ornaments to Make" absolutely free! Enter your name and email address below for instant access. And each week we'll send you free crafts and recipes!

Looking for a fun way to jazz up your fridge or inspiration board? If so, these DIY magnets are just for you. With a few simple steps, you can transform your favorite images into fun-sized Polaroid magnets!

This magnet tutorial goes to show that if you have a cookie cutter and some clay, you can pretty much turn any shape into a magnet! I love these cute cacti magnets and think they'd be perfect at my desk.

I've seen those mini clay pots at the craft store but wasn't quite sure what to make with them beyond fairy gardens. Now I know that they can be made into the cutest magnets ever with real air plants living inside.

I love working with resin, and these homemade fridge magnets are a great example of a project you can do with it! I love the letters and the addition of glitter - these would make a great housewarming gift.

Make memories with your child that will melt your heart with these adorable melted snowman craft magnets. These are great for kids of all ages . . . since the snowman is melted, you don't have to be exact!

Our 1/2 x 1/32 inch grade N52 rare earth neodymium disc magnets are a versatile and powerful solution for your lightweight magnetic needs. With a pull force of 1.45 lbs, these small but mighty magnets are ideal for use on the fridge, in science projects, or craft projects like woodworking.

These magnets are not just great for personal use but also for industrial and business applications such as 3D printing and injection molding. Their high quality and precision manufacturing guarantees that they provide superior magnetic strength and performance even in demanding environments.

If you are looking for a reliable magnet that is small but powerful, our 1/2 x 1/32 inch N52 rare earth neodymium disc magnets are an excellent choice. Order now and experience the strength of these impressive magnets in your next project!

My first order from your company had the spacers and my last two orders did not. I called and asked before placing my most recent order, to ensure the spacers were included - I tend to break the magnets in trying to separate them. I thought I ordered the ones we talked about, but obviously not. I already emailed and requested the Item# for the correct ones. Thanks!

DIY glass magnets with fingerprint art are an easy craft and homemade gift idea that kids can make with assistance from a parent, teacher, or caregiver. First, Gather the supplies from the list below to make thumbprint or fingerprint art glass magnets, or turn your fingerprint art into fingerprint art necklaces or backpack charms instead! Or, use the same glass gems and craft supplies to make these cute ladybug magnets

Invite your children to use their fingertips and thumbs to make quick and easy fingerprint art magnets for gifts or fun. DIY glass magnets with fingerprint art are an easy homemade gift idea that kids can make!

First, invite children to create fingerprint and thumbprint art using one of the three simple fingerprint art ideas from the list below. Next, have the kids turn their fingerprint art into magnet crafts using the step-by-step fingerprint magnet craft video tutorial and the written instructions below these fingerprint magnet ideas in the next section. (In other words, scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the fingerprint magnets video tutorial and the step-by-step directions to make fingerprint art magnets.)

Or invite your children to make the other DIY fingerprint magnet craft ideas suggested, such as fingerprint art necklaces or keychain charms, for even more handmade fun! Fingerprint art creations are a great gift for moms, dads, and grandparents!

There are many fun ways to create art with fingertips and thumbs to make magnets, necklaces, and keychains! Have your kids find inspiration to create their fingerprint art, or get one of the fingerprint art books listed below.

With our step-by-step tutorial, we invite children to use their thumbprints to make hearts and turn them into thumbprint heart glass magnets. Another fun thumbprint heart craft idea is to make thumbprint heart necklaces or thumbprint heart keychains! Click on the links for the step-by-step tutorials, or scroll down to see the next fingerprint art idea to make magnets.

Invite the kids to make fingerprint flowers with their fingertips to make homemade fingerprint flower marble magnets. Another fun handmade gift idea kids from toddlers to teens can make with a fingerprint flower is fingerprint flower necklaces or keychains. Click on the links for the directions to make either fingerprint craft idea. Or scroll down to see the video to make fingerprint art magnet crafts.

Okay, thanks, Rachel. I will try to find a new link but they are selling out fast because this post is so popular! They can sometimes be found at the dollar store and can be purchased at most craft stores. They are called glass gems, flat back marbles, table scatter, or floral stones.

1. Yes, clear glass gems and clear glass cabochons can both be used and are basically the same thing. Glass gems are not perfectly shaped while cabochons are usually made into perfect oval and circular shapes. We used the large glass gems to make the fingerprint magnets pictured in this post, and glass cabochons that came with silver trays to make fingerprint necklaces. Glass gems are also called flat-backed marbles, flat-backed floral stones, or flat-backed table scatter. I hope that helps! 041b061a72

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