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[S4E5] Lockup

I think what it looks like if you could get clients, as I mentioned this in the session, as well, it's a partnership between vendor and client. Until really work as a partnership, we both need to be accountable, right, we need to be accountable, to take the information, clean it as best we can, and have it represent apples to apples when you go out no lockup pricing, whether it be just to maintain your program, or recruiting or whatever it might be, the client needs to do the same. And the client, if they do that, if they actually maintain their job matches throughout the year, not just four weeks before it's due to the vendor. But if they do that throughout the year, and they're regularly feeding the compensation, payroll, and payroll data, but at least feeding in salary incentive, all the elements that we collect into the HRIS system, I can see a world where nobody has to do a thing, we just pull when we want we push when we're finished. And so you know, technology really can serve as the conduit for real time data in a much more cost effective manner than any of us are finding a way to do so right now. It's far too expensive for us to work with clients and get real time feeds and provide real time output at a price point that they're willing to pay. And so that's why I don't think many of the vendors have really pushed it, because no one's really willing to pay for it. And I think when you get below the enterprise type client, the global multinationals, fortune 1000, let's say it really is an expensive endeavor. And so what do we do with the mid market organizations and some of the smaller type organizations? You know, yesterday's Microsoft that was founded in a garage is eventually going to be 150,000 employee organization, perhaps. And so we have to be cognizant and work with those organizations, as well. And that, you know, to me, that's my challenge. It's the, the Enterprise Client is rather, you know, willing and has the tools, at least to be able to, to meet the partnership that as we expected, I'm not so sure small organizations have that ability,

[S4E5] Lockup


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