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Background: Adolescence is a period of overwhelming changes and challenges, which expose the adolescents to high-risk behaviors. Risky sexual relationship is one of these behaviors that entails physical risks and psychosocial harms. Various factors have been recognized to shape sexual behaviors in adolescents. This paper is an attempt to investigate the factors contributing to high-risk sexual behaviors in Iranian adolescent girls.

Results: Sixteen published articles were identified. Factors contributing to high-risk sexual behaviors in girls can be divided into four general groups including personal, family, peer, school and community.

Sigheh is legal according to Iranian Civil Law article 1075. Men/boys aged 15 and older and women/girls aged 13 and older can enter into such a relationship. Usually, according to Iranian tradition, virgin girls must obtain permission from their father to marry permanently or temporarily, but according to the Iranian Civil Law Articles 1043 and 1044, girls can obtain permission to become a sigheh wife by simply identifying their husband-to-be by name and providing details about their relationship such asthe value of the mehrieh (dowry) and proposed length of the marriage.

In religious communities like Iran, there are specific sexual norms and morality. Therefore, it seems that Muslim parents or individuals and the media, which communicate with teenagers, cannot pose sexual issues among them conveniently or they may feel uncomfortable to give sexual training to their children and teenagers.

In a study among African-American adolescents with a mean age of 15.3 years, 70 percent were reported to be sexually active and the mean age of first sexual intercourse was 11.7 years. Also, it was demonstrated that girls compared with boys had more information about AIDS, less sexual partners, more positive attitude about careful sexual behavior, and assessed themselves with higher control in comparison with boys [2].

Another study showed that the knowledge level of female high school girls in two high schools in northern and southern Tehran were similar and in medium level (52.3%). According to the findings, the knowledge level of students about AIDS was insufficient and performing more studies to evaluate the role of educational programs in obtaining higher information about AIDS and its prevention was recommended [4].

Results of a study showed that knowledge level of girls about puberty physiology and complete description of somatic, psychiatric, and social puberty was poor and consequently they would experience severe fear and concern and psychological distress about abnormal feature of menstrual cycle at initiation [5].

In a study about the effect of cooperation between public sector, university, and health sectors for improving the adolescents' health education, data analysis before educational intervention showed that girls had good knowledge and attitude about marriage and pregnancy-related issues. However, their knowledge and attitude was poor about adolescents' health and puberty [6].

Totally, in review of studies about the sexual knowledge among students in Iran, there was no multidimensional study performed or published about different aspects of sexual knowledge in male and female students. However, in a limited manner and in special groups, some aspects of sexual matters were evaluated. Generally, regarding the importance of sexual desire in adolescence period and public and parental concerns about it and considering the lack of studies about sexual knowledge especially in adolescents in Iran, this study was conducted to evaluate the sexual issues in high school girls and boys in three large centers in provinces in northwestern Iran including Tabriz, Urmia, and Ardabil cities to respond to the following questions.

The important point in the above-mentioned and the other similar studies in Iran is that those are generally performed among girls and all reported a low awareness about the sexual issues. In our study, after comparison of the mean scores of different types of sexual knowledge, the girls achieved significantly lower scores in puberty physiology, fertility physiology, and STDs subscales, compared with boys.

The obtained results show that the students generally do not acquire the necessary knowledge and information about the sexual issues by appropriate educational programs and also demonstrate the necessity for educating these issues. This question here may be arisen if educating these issues would result in more interest in sexual behaviors among adolescents. In a systematic review by World Health Organization, 52 studies were evaluated. Among 47 studies that evaluated the performed interventions, 25 studies were reported that giving information about AIDS and sexual issues resulted in no increased or decreased rate of sexual behaviors, unwanted pregnancies, and STDs. Seventeen studies reported a delay in the initiation time of sexual relationships, and a decrease in sexual partners' number, unwanted pregnancies, and STDs frequency. Only three studies reported an increased sexual behavior that in those studies there were methodological problems in designing the study and analysis of the data. Finally the authors concluded that sexual issues training would not result in increased interest to sexual behaviors. If any effect is observed it is to delay the initiation of sexual relationships and effective use of contraceptives [9].

Some studies in Iran have evaluated the view of key subjects about the training of sexual issues. In a study for determination of attitude of key public subjects including parents, clergymen, and school trainers about the education of sexual issues to adolescents, 896 subjects were evaluated. The results showed that 93 percent of parents, 86 percent of clergies, and 81 percent of school trainers were congruent with training sexual issues. However, 95 percent of parents and 55 percent of school trainers had never educated the children and students the sexual issues and 14.3 of clergymen participated in training of sexual issues to adolescents in a range of minimal to maximal. Most of the evaluated subjects accepted the need for training both sexes and the parents mentioned the best time for education to be the first stages of marriage and by health-promotion centers. The clergies and school trainers believed that training should be initially performed by parents and in first puberty stages [10]. In a study for evaluation of attitude of 400 teachers in Kerman, Iran, about the sexual education and evaluation of their view about the necessary points to be trained, it was demonstrated that the teachers achieved 65.7 percent of total attitude score about sexual training to adolescents. About the necessary sexual points to be trained, 83 percent of teachers agreed that normal menstrual cycle and related mechanisms and religious rules about it, and different aspects of AIDS (including causes, prevention, and transmission) should be completely trained to the adolescents. However, 26 percent completely disagreed with education about abortion in girls, six percent did not agree with training about sexual function of opposite sex, and 22 percent completely disagreed with training about contraceptive methods [11].

In another study, 96 percent of teachers agreed with prepubertal training of sexual issues to the girls and 91 percent out of these subjects mentioned that the educational curriculum should include introduction with puberty and menstruation, puberty-related physical and psychological changes, fears and concerns in this period, preventive methods for problems, and also introduction with socially appropriate moral issues and behaviors and religious instructions [5].

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