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[S2E1] Alligator Man

Earn decides to check on his relatives. "I'll Be Good" by Rene & Angela plays as he and Darius arrive. This is where the episode's title comes into play, when Earn's uncle, Willy (Katt Williams), casually mentions he's keeping an alligator in his bedroom.

[S2E1] Alligator Man

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Willy gifts Earn with a gun (because he doesn't want to get caught with it with the police outside) after Earn expresses concerns about Alfred not needing his help with music anymore. Earn leaves the house and Willy's alligator slithers out the front door to "Hey! Love" by The Delfonics. Earn parts ways with Darius and Alfred, who rip him a new one for his new gold gun, to "When Seasons Change" by Curtis Mayfield. And for what it's worth, a horror movie rendition of Rae Sremmurd's "No Type" was playing in the commercial prior to the episode.

Earn and Darius arrive at Willy's house, who has Yvonne locked in a back room for apparently stealing fifty dollars from him. He stops Earn from going into one of his rooms with rattling coming from it, claiming his pet alligator, Coach, is inside. Earn gets his keys and unlocks Yvonne's room. She insists she did not steal anything from him and Earn gives her his money, telling her to give it to Willy to tide him over and to thank Alfred for the money instead of him. The police arrive because of a noise complaint from Willy and Yvonne's arguing, the latter trying to defuse the situation while the former only further inflates it. He warns them that he will turn Coach loose on them, and his neighbors confirm to the cops that he does indeed have an alligator in his house. Earn steps in and begs the police to give him five minutes to convince Willy to come out.

Darius gazes at the alligator in fascination while Willy and Earn argue about him going out, (Willy references Florida Man and Darius gives Earn a smug look) Earn stating he is on probation and cannot risk trouble with the police. Yvonne gives him the money and tries to reason with him, but he angrily rejects her and she storms out, telling the police that Willy kidnapped her. Flabbergasted, Earn shouts at Willy that he needs to keep him intact because Al, the houseowner, asked him to, and Willy retorts that Earn is scared of losing his cousin's favor now that he is successful. Earn states that he is scared of ending up like Willy, a smart person that fell into stasis because of their attitude. Darius, not wanting to go to jail, leaves.

A Maryland woman allegedly sets her home on fire while a neighbor is inside, sitting in a lawn chair to watch it burn. In Phoenix, a man calls for backup from his friends after arguing with his neighbor over car noise. And when a Florida neighborhood is threatened by an angry alligator, a hero with a recycling bin steps in to save the day.

Later that night, Dexter stalked Chino to a celebration party where other members of his gang were hanging out. Dexter realized that Chino would be harder to capture now that he saw his face. Before he left work, Dexter had checked out a tranquilizer gun and lance from the weapons cache at the police department, claiming he needed them to subdue an alligator that killed his dog. When he confronted Chino, however, Chino was calm and told him that he was waiting for him. Just then, several members of Chino's gang members ambushed Dexter, but he managed to escape by hiding in the sewer. 041b061a72

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