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Where Can I Buy Newton Running Shoes

Known for their natural running footwear, Newton designs comfortable shoes that allow the foot to connect to the ground without being barefoot. Here are some of the unique features of Newton running shoes:

where can i buy newton running shoes

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RunRepeat offers various Newton running shoe selections that cater to different foot pronation. Among the leading models are the Newton Gravity and Newton Distance collections. These shoes are ideal for neutral runners seeking lightweight shoes for daily and long-distance runs.

Other popular series are the Newton Kismet and Newton Motion. These stability running shoes are equipped with supportive features that help minimize the impact of overpronation (when the foot excessively rolls inward).

Agreed, and a good question. In the interest of transparency, I only put about 35 miles on my pair. I handled a couple easy runs (one where I switched shoes midway), a long and moderate treadmill session (about 15), and an outdoor progression run with strides. There was no visible wear at all, absent just dirtying of the white element on the outsole. Considering also that I'm a relatively small-framed and light runner (approximately 130#), I would expect these to handle 400-500 miles pretty readily. In my experience with Newton's lugs, they really do not wear down quickly - even those that don't have the blown rubber lawyer on top of them.

One of the fundamentals in the ChampionsEverywhere coaching model is the importance of compliance and how you need to learn to make yourself compliant in the face of the harder surfaces you run on. Cushioning in general is therefore a huge impediment for being able to coach yourself a natural running style effectively and teach yourself to use your own shock absorbers. The Newton shoe feels hugely compliant, as much or more as most traditional runners, and is completely ineffective in this for learning how to stop relying on shoes and adapt a more natural running style. 041b061a72

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