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I Love Fuck Ladyboy

When I was in the US Army I was stationed in Danang, VietNam. Took a two week R&R with a fellow soldier and we went to Bangkok. I must say we had a really great time. Met up with a couple gals (which turned out to be ladyboys) but at that time, who really cared. They stuck with us for a week and a half, and my friend and I provided for whatever they needed. We both hated to depart and head back to Danang, but we still have our memories.

i love fuck ladyboy


i was 17years old and just broke up with my ex gf. we go there with my family and i had own bungalow. I was drunk with rum on beach party after xmas and dance with girls and i pick the best looking girl and start talking to her and offered beer. Im my bungalow i realised she is ladyboy. She calmed me down and we talk and after that we was on one week together, and she took my ass virginity and teach me to be bottom what i never expext to try. im happy i accidendly done that

By all means it is called bodycontact it is a Swedish datingsite for homosexuals and transgirls and men that likes them. She was recommended by a friend that is married to a Norwegian fellow and there is where I met her. She have told me that she had a boyfriend that treated her badly she was just a sextoy for him. One of the things she liked about me was that I was looking for marriage and she also told me that she and her ladyboy friends like tall white men and since I am a nord well you get the picture. She does not like the term ladyboy though. 041b061a72

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