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One recurrent theme emerging from this conference is of dancers finding hybrid solutions within an underfunded and underresourced dance industry in Australia, and creatively developing hybrid microcosms of opportunity, in a western culture in which dance is not as highly valued and economically supported as, for example, professional football.

A content analysis of the transcripts from my interviews unveiled eleven recurrent themes addressing ageing, gender and dancing. Two of these are particularly pertinent to the sustainability of dance practices in Australia. These are:

However, to maintain that all a dancer needs to do is to diversify her or his skills in order to continue to practice is simplistic and ignores the economic constraints on opportunities to create and perform art in cultures such as Australia, in which it is undervalued, and in which competition for limited funding is intense. For example, while some participants in my study felt the key to sustainability is to offer diverse skills and obtain work through networking, others painted a bleak picture of their attempts to sustain their practice. To illustrate, the following quotations represent two contrasting views on whether making a living from project based work is economically sustainable. Both are from participants in their late 30s:

To make sustainability viable in dance practice for dancers, let alone for mature dancers, we need to overcome a cultural disregard and devaluation of older bodies on stage. Here I am arguing that we are referring not so much to physical capacity as to a culturally normative conflation of youth and beauty (and/or athleticism), one that is discursively and institutionally perpetuated.

Therefore, if older dancers, or mature artists, are to continue their practice in a culture in which ageism is ingrained in the very perception and judgment of which bodies are legitimised to perform, then we need to look not only at the physical capacities of the dancer and the economic needs she or he faces, but also at the ageing, gendered body as a signifying tool, in its capacity for representing prevailing cultural norms and values, such as those of beauty or athleticism. If the body is inseparable from culture, then we need to examine such underlying ageist assumptions in order to further the sustainability of practice for older dancers, in a culture that values them as artists and values their special contribution to their art and their community. This involves reshaping cultural understandings of what it means to age.

Liz Schwaiger. From Dance Rebooted: Initializing the Grid Conference Proceedings published by Ausdance National on behalf of the Tertiary Dance Council of Australia, December, 2005. ISBN 1 875255 16 8

Looking back, I'm not sure there was anyone in my sixth-grade class in Houghtaling Elementary School who really wanted to square dance. Our teachers, of course, couched it as "physical exercise." But we knew better. It was all part of the "socialization" process.

Now, of course, fourth graders are about as "mature" as high school seniors were in my day. Which is to say, not really that mature in the grand scheme of things. But they are expected to be able to file taxes, drive a car and operate the TV unsupervised.

So, during school dances, we just sort of slowly swayed back and forth and occasionally briefly bumped together and swooned. Which then led to some teacher brandishing a ruler like a sword and shouting "six inches, six inches!"

Before that we square danced. We swung our partners round and round. We clasped hands and arms with multiple people of the opposite sex. We all engaged in an activity that we all openly hated. Except that we didn't. Because there was always at least one other person in our "square" that we secretly had a crush on.

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Should teenagers get up and boogie sometimes? To me, this is a no-brainer. China's primary and secondary schoolers are spending so much time poring over books that anything - well, almost anything - that takes them off the books is good for a change. The Ministry of Education has just announced an unprecedented program of group dancing for these students. And to show how media-savvy they are, they put on a demonstration for the cameras and selected a pair of photogenic kids for the spotlight. I thought this would be greeted with hurrahs of welcome. But no, aside from a few upbeat soundbites from students, the press quoted several parents who sounded off their misgivings. The top concern is there will be an increase of boys and girls falling in love once they have more chances for physical interaction. I don't know what's going on in the minds of these parents, but I suspect they are still living in the Middle Ages, or the feudal era in Chinese equivalent. Teenagers may start dating no matter what - even if you lock them up in two separate rooms. The only thing that will prevent the young is to keep them malnourished. With the kind of diet they have nowadays, they'll be physically mature earlier than the previous generations. There is nothing wrong with youths engaging in puppy love. It could be a beautiful experience. What parents and teachers should do is provide proper guidance so that the kids won't dash into hasty decisions and let everything else, such as education, fall into disarray. The notion that youths will study better when nobody of the opposite sex is around is misguided. We Chinese have always treated the school as an ivory tower, somehow isolated from the topsy-turvy world, including sexual attractions of every kind. But growth in such an artificial vacuum could only lead to disasters when kids graduate into the real world and encounter real world problems. The new dance also poses a threat to the old virtue of school diligence. Students are traditionally praised for incessantly cramming textbooks into memory. This is hallowed in the old saying of "hanging your hair from a beam and stabbing your buttocks with an awl". These are two stories that exemplify model behavior: In ancient times when men had really long hair, a student tied his hair to a beam so that as soon as he dozed off he would be dragged wide awake. The other guy would stab himself when he felt drowsy. What horror stories! It is high time we recommended stretching, jogging, calisthenics or dancing as an alternative to those masochist practices. I bet they'll score higher this way. Dance is also a great way of teaching youngsters the importance of poise, grace and performing arts. Girls in metropolises are taken to after-class ballet schools, but group dancing, though less rigorous, could be seen as a positive trickle-down. Kids who are exposed to dance training are more likely to patronize the art form when they grow up. The new dance is a much-needed addition to the morning exercise routine on campuses all over the country, which was inaugurated more than half a century ago and has evolved over the years. As a starter, it is well choreographed. For example, it does not pair one boy with one girl, but has them move around with several others, not unlike a square dance. That way, it will less likely give rise to teen romance, but will build coordination and camaraderie. There is nothing unusual about weird feedback to the announcement of the program. Some American parents object to their sons learning dance for fear of turning them gay. Not all good policies are met with cheers. Email: (China Daily 06/16/2007 page4)

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