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Buy Audi Entertainment Mobile PORTABLE

Keep your passengers busy with the Audi Entertainment Mobile rear-seat entertainment system. Utilizing two 10" touch screens that can be operated either independently, or mirrored to show the same content, passengers can experience photo and video viewing, gaming, internet browsing with an active Wi-Fi connection, and use of apps while on the road.Audi Entertainment Mobile includes 2 USB ports, remote control, integrated SD card reader, headphone jack and HDMI ports to connect to video game consoles and televisions. When stopped, the front-seat headrest mounted system can be disconnected, and used outside the vehicle.

buy audi entertainment mobile

Audi Entertainment mobile makes being in an Audi even more exciting - particularly for the passengers in the rear. The 10.1 inch touch display in 16:10 format provides excellent picture quality even in poor lighting conditions. It features a host of interfaces for connecting modern storage media and can also be used outside the vehicle. They fulfil the global crash regulations.Components of the single player package:- 10.1 inch tablet player- Quick Start Guide- Wire connected headphones- USB cable (type A to micro B, length 1 m)- Storage bagHigh-quality. Progressive Audi design and intuitive, easy to operate user interface.Flexible. With numerous connection options and possibility to wirelessly transfer data.Versatile. Can also be used away from the vehicle.Practical. Includes wire connected headphones from Audi Genuine Accessories.Enthusiasm. Excellent picture quality due to a high-resolution display.Convenient. Remote operation is possible due to the Smartphone app, e.g. from front passenger seat.

Intelligent connectivity and communication solutions are keys to the future of the automobile. With its LTE module, Audi is connecting its models to the World Wide Web and is integrating smartphones into the vehicle infotainment system in a variety of ways.

The customer can also purchase additional data packages for the WiFi hotspot via a special web portal, independently of the integrated Audi connect services. This allows the passengers to surf the internet with up to eight mobile devices.

The Audi phone box with wireless charging connects cell phones to the car antenna wirelessly by near-field coupling. This allows it to deliver appreciably better reception quality. The box also enables inductive charging based on the Qi standard, provided that the mobile device supports it. The current flows from a coil in the base of the box to the receiver coil in the smartphone.

The Car-to-X services utilize the swarm intelligence of the Audi fleet, in which more than one hundred thousand cars are already gathering information globally. They route the data via the mobile radio network to a server that processes the data and makes it available to individual members of the fleet. Along with online traffic sign information, hazard alert and on-street parking, the package also includes the traffic light information service.

The HERE HD Live Map consists of tiles, each two kilometers by two kilometers in size. This allows the immense volume of data to be broken down into manageable portions. The data is hosted on the HERE backend. Data transfer from and to the cars take place via mobile network. The LTE standard already offers great potential here, but future solutions promise even higher data rates and faster establishment of connections.

Due to the more realistic test conditions, the consumption and CO2 emission values measured are in many cases higher than the values measured according to the NEDC. This may result in corresponding changes in vehicle taxation since September 1, 2018. Additional information about the differences between WLTP and NEDC is available at

There is no limit for how many times you may redeem the promotion, subject to credit approval, line availability, and, for more than five mobile internet lines, deposit requirements. You must meet all promotion requirements for each purchase.

There is, however, no standard infotainment setup across cars. Some, like the Audi TT range, offer a fairly stripped-back infotainment setup, while others, such as the Audi A8, offer a full-blown entertainment experience for both front and rear passengers.

The Audi Phonebox is a storage compartment in the armrest at the front of the car which allows you to charge your Qi-enabled smartphone via wireless charging. Two mobile phones can be connected to the car via Bluetooth simultaneously. 041b061a72

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