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Baby Shower Music Ideas: Songs for Every Mood and Theme

Pinterest has opened up a whole new world of party planning for the creative and non-creative alike, especially for those of us who are imaginatively challenged. We now have a place to gather ideas (that also have the potential to humorously fail) for the perfect soiree. Anything goes these days for baby showers, from gender reveal to couples parties to sprinkle showers for baby number two, three, or four. You can even host a sip and see party to meet the new baby. The environments range from lavish and opulent to laid back and classic.

baby shower mp3

La-la-di, la-la-da, la-la-daaa (hey)Singing in the showerLa-la-di, la-la-da, la-la-daaaYou got me singing in the showerLa-la-di, la-la-da, la-la-daaaSinging in the showerLa-la-di, la-la-da, la-la-daaa[Laughter]

Prior to his Christmas Eve single, Kodak was spotted celebrating with his girlfriend as they invited their friends and family to their baby shower. The couple is reportedly expecting a baby girl in weeks to come, and during the event, Kodak gifted his lady with a new ring.

This game, as the name implies, consists of hosts playing snippets of various songs and the guests guessing the name. In the age of Covid-19, when more and more baby showers are being held virtually, this game is especially great because it involves almost no physical materials, other than the device used to play/cast the music and the template for the game.

The most important aspect of the game is, of course, the music. As stated above, feel free to use our pre-made Spotify and YouTube Playlists, full of baby shower songs. Or, put your creative muscles to work and create your own!

For example, a group of neighbors may gather on their street to eat food, play music and visit with one another. This is called a block party. A woman might invite a group of women to a party called a baby shower for a friend who is about to give birth. Guests bring presents for the new baby.

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Once I finally arrived in Lusaka (2.5 days later) I was exhausted but had felt so invigorated to experience the unexpected just on my way here. Moreover, once I had arrived in Lusaka I found out my neighbors were Ethiopian and was immediately (as in 30 minutes upon arrival to Lusaka) invited to a baby shower where I was fed full and met a community I could feel a part of while staying here.

Parents typically want to start using a lightweight/umbrella stroller as soon as possible -- generally when a baby is around four to six months old. These are the smallest and lightest strollers on the market with stripped-down, bare-bones design and compact storage, and tend to be easier to maneuver. Why is it called an umbrella stroller? Because the upside-down J-shaped handles are similar to the handle of an umbrella.'s lightweight/umbrella stroller pick

The Quinny Buzz 3 ($429) is a futuristic-looking, five-point harness stroller that automatically unfolds with just the push of one button using a gas-spring technique. It has an adjustable handlebar for different-height parents, forward and rear-facing seat options, a lockable front double-swivel wheel, an adjustable footrest, and can recline to three positions. This full-size stroller can also be used as a travel system in combination with a Maxi-Cosi infant car seat and Quinny Dreami bassinet. The Quinny Buzz 3 also includes a bug net, a rain shield, a canopy, and a shopping basket, and can stand upright when folded. The stroller is appropriate as soon as baby can sit upright until he weighs 50 pounds; the stroller weighs 27 pounds. What moms say about the Quinny Buzz 3

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